Manually Inserting Codes

When inserting codes, you may find it useful to turn on Coded View. (Alt + F3) This reveals DBT and Codes used in your document which will appear in within square brackets. e.g. [sk1]

To manually insert a Code, place your cursor at the point you wish to place the Code, press the F9 key. (See Note below) A Dialog box will appear, with a text box into which you insert your code.

Image shows dialog where DBT Codes are entered.

In the example shown, we have typed sk1 to skip 1 line in our text. Press Enter. You will now see your code appear in the text.

Image shows DBT Code in text when Codes are shown (Alt + F3).

If you continue typing, and then turn Coded view off, you will note that a blank line has appeared at the position you entered your code.

Image shows as previous but with Codes off (Again - Alt + F3).

When you subsequently translate your document into braille, a blank line will also appear.

Image of braille where blank line is shown.

Notes: On systems with English keyboard layouts, you can also use the Ctrl key, and press [ (left square bracket) key to bring up this dialog.

You should NOT type the ] (right square bracket) to complete the code.