Skip to Odd or Even

(See also: all other Topics in this section plus Page Numbering)

Code Used: [top] and [sdN]

Keystroke: (None)

What does it do?

It forces the next page to be either an odd numbered page (right) or an even numbered page (left).

Where would it be used?

Many publishers like to begin chapters on a new right (odd numbered) facing page.

Usage in DBT:

See next Chapter for details.

Details are as follows:

Produces in Braille:

,see next ,*apt] =          #a


------------ page break ------------


------------ page break ------------

,details >e z foll[s3-      #c

Let us explain:

There is not generally a need to start a new line, but it should be understood that [sdN] does not itself imply a page break when in the middle of a page. This is why [top] is often helpful before [sdN].

To ensure an even numbered page use [sd0], and for odd numbered use [sd1]. (Those use the numbers zero and one.)