Setting Tabs

What you need to know first: Clearing Tabs

See also: Clearing Tabs

(If your country's number system uses, for example, commas instead of full stops or periods for the decimal point, please see the Decimal Tabs Topic.)

Code Used: [stbS:A:P] (Former Codes [etb...] and [ftb...])

Keystroke: (None at present)

What does it do?

Sets a numbered Tab Stop, Aligned in a particular way, at a specific Position on the braille page.

Where would it be used?

To force a group of characters to a specific position on the line, such as in Columns of figures. For example:

Desc. Debit Credit Balance
Opening     $995
Salary   $500 $1495
DBT $595   $900

Usage in DBT:


Produces in braille:

,desc4 ,debit ,cr$it ,bal.e
,op5+     4#iie
,sal>y   4#ejj 4#adie
,,dbt 4#eie   4#ijj

Let us explain:

The [ctb] Code clears any existing Tab stops. The first [stb sets a left tab at cell 9, the second sets a left tab at cell 17 and the third at cell 25.

The subsequent [#_] code tabs what follows to the appropriate numbered tab position.