Amending Codes

Occasionally you may wish to make a small change to a Code. From DBT 10.5 you can now amend Codes.

To amend a code, first highlight it by placing your cursor to one side of the Code. Hold down the shift key, and press the right or left cursor to highlight the Code as shown below.

Image shows Code highlighted, ready to amend.

Now press the F9 key. (See Note below) The code edit dialog will appear as shown below.

Image shoiws dialog which appear, to allow editing of Code.

PLEASE NOTE that the Code is also highlighted in the Text Box. If you press anything other than a navigation key, your Code will disappear. We suggest you press the right arrow key to position your cursor to the right of the code.

You may now change the code as required, and press the OK button.

If you decide you do not want to change the code after all, press the Cancel button or press the Esc key.

Note: On systems with English keyboard layouts, you can also use the Ctrl key, and press [ (left square bracket) key to bring up this dialog.