English/Moon - Basic United Kingdom Flag

This is a basic DBT Template. Click here for more information about Basic Templates.

This DBT Template is designed to produce material written in the English language. It does not produce braille, rather it transcribes into the Moon tactile transcription system.

You can make this template your default selection.

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Multiple Templates for English Moon

Moon Type has multiple DBT Templates.

Here is the list:

Your choice of DBT Template decides if a capital letter indicator is shown in the Moon Type output.

Moon Type

Moon is a tactile medium which uses raised characters to represent normal print characters. Moon is not braille. Moon is an alternative to braille.

There are 26 Moon symbols which correspond to the 26 letters of the alphabet:

Moon Alphabet

Click here for more information about Moon Type from Wikipedia

To produce Moon Type from DBT, use an Enabling Technologies embosser set to Moon mode. You need to set this mode yourself.

Contracted Braille

This language is usually produced in contracted braille. This means that words are not produced in braille on a one-for-one basis. There are abbreviations or contractions in the text. If you have questions about how braille is produced, please contact a member of your local braille authority.

Sometimes, you may want to produce uncontracted braille. This is easy to do with DBT. Before translation into braille, go to the top of the document in DBT, and issue the command Alt-1. When you translate into braille, the braille will be uncontracted

Sample Microsoft Word file

For a sample Word file in this language, open this URL:


in your browser. That is, clipboard the URL into your browser to open the Word file.

E-mail languages@duxsys.com for suggestions on improving DBT braille translators (or requesting a translator for a new language).

E-mail support@duxsys.com for software support issues related to Duxbury DBT.

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