Entering Activation Data

On this screen you enter all the data necessary to activate your computer. The Duxbury Product and Version you are attempting to activate are displayed for you. This is helpful for picking the correct license number in case you have multiple Duxbury products.

Your Duxbury License Text: If you entered your license when you installed your Duxbury program, it is already filled in for you. (The asterisks covering over the last 4 digits prevent other people from learning your complete license number.) Otherwise, you need to enter your license number for activation. You must enter the complete Duxbury License Text as written, using the same capitalization of the letters or words in front of the license number, using the same spaces, and providing all 12 digits, for example, "DBT A1234-56789012" or "Single User License A1234-56789012".

There is a validation check on this text. If the Duxbury License Text is not valid, you will not be able to advance to the next screen.

Your Reference Code is generated for you. Think of it as the signature of your computer. You will not be able to activate your Duxbury software if no reference code appears.

Computer Name: Please notice the instruction that the name you supply must be unique. That means you will have difficulty only if two computers attempt to activate the same Duxbury license using the same computer name. Normally the wizard looks up the actual name of your machine and offers that as the preferred choice.

User: Providing the correct, current User for your Duxbury product always makes it easier for you when you need Duxbury Systems to provide Technical Support. Your account ID may be provided in this field, however, you should normally replace that with your own name.