Activation or De-activation Failure

Due to situations that cannot be anticipated, there may be an error in the activation process. In that case you will probably find yourself on the Error Page. You may be able to recognize the problem and fix it yourself -- such as noticing a faulty Internet connection that you can fix, or recognizing that you typed in something in error -- or you may need help.

If you wish to request help directly from Duxbury Systems, the best thing to do is to click on the Send button on the Error Page to dispatch us an email. This email will be pre-filled with specific information about the error that you encountered. Please, add your own notes about any unusual or special circumstances that would help Duxbury Systems understand your situation.

As an additional step, your can try running the Diagnostics from the wizard's Main Menu. Here, as on the Error Page, you can click on the Send button to send Duxbury a second email. This email will contain information about your installation and the results of the diagnostic tests. You should add any additional notes that you think might help.