Technical Tips for this Embosser

Technical Tips for this Embosser

General Advice about Computer Ports: Serial. Parallel. USB. and Network

The Romeo, Marathon, and Thomas models are single-sided embossers from Enabling Technologies; they all share the same keypad and communication protocols. The major difference between these models is output speed. A Marathon operates at about ten times the speed of a Romeo RB20.

On some Romeo Attache units. you be get getting double spacing when you want single spacing. To fix this. you need to make a change in the Embossit Configuration. Click on Modify the Configuration. go to the Advanced Tab. and change the End of Line Indicator to Carriage Return Only (MAC)and click OK.

USB Conection Guidelines: Click on the link above.

Parallel Setup Guidelines:

The factory default menu 1 will normally work just fine with this software, assuming that the margins are to your liking. and that you are using 11 by 11 inch braille paper. To ensure that menu 1 is the power up default. do the following:

Follow the directions below only if you run into problems when using default menu 1.

If you should run into problems. we recommend altering and selecting one of the custom menus. Below are the suggested settings for the various parameters:

Serial setup guidelines:

The factory default menu 2 should work just fine. assuming that the margins and paper size (11 by 11 inches) are to your liking. To make this the default menu. do the following:

If you should run into problems. we recommend altering and selecting one of the custom menus. The suggested settings for the various parameters are included above in the parallel setup guidelines section. All settings are the same for serial. EXCEPT parameter 2 which should be set to 0.

Below are directions for creating and using a custom setup. Let's assume that custom menu 9 is available and that you wish to use it for printing files created by this software. (If menu 9 is already taken for another purpose. use the next available menu. possibly as high as 16. and substitute that number wherever 9 is mentioned in the following steps.)

Take advantage of the fact that you can store up to 16 configurations via the 16 menus. We suggest leaving setups 1 through 8 at their factory defaults and using 9 through 16 for custom purposes. If you frequently change the paper size or if you ever drive the embosser with programs other than this software you will undoubtedly make good use of the multiple menus. Changing the menu is certainly easier than changing various parameters within a single menu.

[Parallel Output] The Romeo's menu number 1 is set for the parallel. Item 2 in the menu determines whether the Romeo is set for parallel or serial (1=parallel. 0=serial). The default is parallel. Menu 1 unmodified from the factory is good for parallel connection to the PC. This sequence akes the menu number 1. allows escape sequences. and makes it the default: <off line> 0.1E 23.1E 1.0E 1.1E (done).

[Serial Output] This sequence loads menu 1; changes to serial; changes to 9600 baud. 8 data bits. and no parity; and then make menu 1 the default: <off line> 0.1E 2.0E 3.9600E 4.8E 5.1E 6.0E 23.1E 1.0E 1.1E (done). Use a straight through female-to-female cable with a null modem adapter to connect the Romeo to one of your serial ports. Enabling recommends a null modem adapter that has wires 1 and 7 straight through. swaps wires 2 and 3. swaps wires 4 and 8. and ties 5 and 6 on each end and connects to wire 20 on the other end.

[Total Reset] Some early Romeo units sometimes lock up entirely. To totally reset the Romeo (losing all your stored menus). enter the following: <off line> 0.0E 95E 96E 98E 99E 1E (done).

For technical support on the Romeo Embosser. contact Enabling Technology at 772-225-3687.