Interpoint 55: About Drivers and the VSHIFT

Driving the Interpoint 55 Embosser

Some History: The original method for sending braille to the Interpoint Elekul 55 embosser used an Interpoint NV utility program called print55.exe. DBT output ".p55" format files for that program. However, that method no longer worked once Windows began running 64-bit versions of their operating system.

An interim method used WPRINT55, which was a shortcut to a Windows utility. For this, DBT 11.2 SR3 produced .x55 files.

Current Practice: The current method is similar to the original one, updated for 64-bit systems. A key element is that output for the Interpoint 55 must be set to "Write to File". DBT produces ".ebf" files, and these are sent to an updated Interpoint print55 driver to run the embosser.

The software manual for the Interpoint 55, as well as any software updates, can be obtained from the vendor.

Important Note: When setting up this embosser in Global: Embosser Setup, ensure you select the "Write to File" radio button under Output Options as shown below. (For full details about adding an embosser, see "The Menus: Global: Embosser Setup".)

image shows DBT's Embosser Setup General Tab with Write to file Radio Button activated

Interpoint 55 embosser

Using the VSHIFT Option

DBT's handling of the Interpoint 55, high-volume, production embosser has been upgraded significantly since its introduction with the release of DBT 10.6. The current DBT supports the Interpoint fully, including the VSHIFT option, designed to even out wear on the Interpoint 55's embossing pins.

VSHIFT is a value in the range 0-3 that specifies how much to shift the top of the page down. VSHIFT is not used to create a top margin. Instead, due to the unique design of the Interpoint 55, a change in VSHIFT causes a different set of embossing pins to be used. So, Interpoint recommends rotation of VSHIFT values on a monthly basis to ensure even wear on the embosser parts, and a particular VSHIFT value may be used to avoid use of a broken pin if necessary.

DBT normally manages VSHIFT values automatically, setting the VSHIFT value to one that depends on the calendar month, as shown in the following table:

January 0
February 1
March 2
April 3
May 0
June 1
July 2
August 3
September 0
October 1
November 2
December 3

Automatic rotation is illustrated below. To change this automatic rotation, for example to set a specific VSHIFT value that will avoid use of a broken pin, select Modify Embosser from the Global Embosser Setup dialog. In the Device Settings tab of this dialog, change the VSHIFT value from Auto-Rotate to 0, 1, 2, or 3 (according to where the broken pin is located). Use the same dialog to resume the regular rotation after the pin is repaired.

Interpoint 55 Dialog