Embossers and Embossing

The Duxbury Braille Translator operates over 100 makes and models of braille embossers, some dating back over 30 years, others introduced only months ago.

This Help system provides information to assist you in setting up your embosser. Click here for information on Hardware Set-up and here for Software Set-up.

Note: Before you connect your embosser to your computer, we strongly recommend doing some homework to determine when is the best time to connect it relative to when you install a driver for it and when you turn it on. If in doubt, please contact your supplier.

Embosser-Specific Information

For a comprehensive list of embossers supported by DBT, click here. For each embosser, there are topics covering many aspect of embossers, embossing, and interfacing with DBT.

USB and Embossers

One of the most common support issues concerns connecting older embossers which do not have USB connections, to modern computers. Click here for details on how to make that connection.