Creating Spatial Math with DBT

As a summary of the steps below, you can create a print document in DBT and enter everything but your math, then translate it to braille, and finally enter your math expressions directly utilizing the number pad.

  1. Do Ctrl + n to open a new print document.
  2. Choose the Print document type, select your preferred template, and click OK. You should now be in a blank print file.
  3. Use Alt + l (l as in Lima) to open the Layout menu.
  4. Press "M" to open the math code menu.
  5. Select "Technical Context" only if your selected template is for Pre-UEB Nemeth Code.
  6. Type in all your text leaving some blank space for your math problems. When finished...
  7. Use Ctrl +T to translate your print text into braille.
  8. Put your keyboard NUM LOCK on. Then use the number keys, space bar, and function keys to enter your spatial math expressions.

Hint #1 Use the "3" key to create your dot 2,5 lines.

Hint #2 Go to the View menu and select Full Page to get a better idea of the layout of the math on the page while you are keying it in.

Hint #3 You can use search and replace to substitute simple multiplication and division signs with: dot product, cross product, the "line between dots" division sign, etc., as you require.