Character Code Table - (U+09xx) - Devangari and Bengali

Note: The following table may not display all characters in the Char column on your system. This is entirely dependent on the version of Windows you are running, and what Character Sets are installed. These fonts are built into Windows 7 and Windows Vista. In XP, when you use the Control Panel, Regional Settings, Languages, and click the boxes for Asian language support, this will add these fonts.

Text using these scripts can be imported from Microsoft Word into Duxbury DBT. If you use DBT DBT 11.1 or above for any of the languages of India/Pakistan, such as: Assamese, Awadhi, Bengali (Bangla), Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Haryanvi, Hindi, Kannada, Kurukh, Magahi, Maithili, Malayalam, Marathi, Meitei, Oriya, Panjabi, Sadri, Sanskrit, Santali, Sindhi, Sinhala, Tamil, Telugu, or Urdu then you will get the correct braille.

Devanagari Script

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Devanagari Script
Char Unicode DUSCI Name
U+0901 D+C031 Devanagari candrabindu
U+0902 D+C032 Devanagari anusvara
U+0903 D+C033 Devanagari visarga
U+0904 D+C034 Devanagari short A
U+0905 D+C035 Devanagari A
U+0906 D+C036 Devanagari AA
U+0907 D+C037 Devanagari I
U+0908 D+C038 Devanagari II
U+0909 D+C039 Devanagari U
U+090A D+C03A Devanagari UU
U+090B D+C03B Devanagari Vocalic R
U+090C D+C03C Devanagari Vocalic L
U+090D D+C03D Devanagari Candra E
U+090E D+C03E Devanagari Dravidian Short E
U+090F D+C03F Devanagari E
U+0910 D+C040 Devanagari AI
U+0911 D+C041 Devanagari Candra O
U+0912 D+C042 Devanagari Dravidian Short O
U+0913 D+C043 Devanagari O
U+0914 D+C044 Devanagari AU
U+0915 D+C045 Devanagari KA
U+0916 D+C046 Devanagari KHA
U+0917 D+C047 Devanagari GA
U+0918 D+C048 Devanagari GHA
U+0919 D+C049 Devanagari NGA
U+091A D+C04A Devanagari CA
U+091B D+C04B Devanagari CHA
U+091C D+C04C Devanagari JA
U+091D D+C04D Devanagari JHA
U+091E D+C04E Devanagari NYA
U+091F D+C04F Devanagari TTA
U+0920 D+C050 Devanagari TTHA
U+0921 D+C051 Devanagari DDA
U+0922 D+C052 Devanagari DDHA
U+0923 D+C053 Devanagari NNA
U+0924 D+C054 Devanagari TA
U+0925 D+C055 Devanagari THA
U+0926 D+C056 Devanagari DA
U+0927 D+C057 Devanagari DHA
U+0928 D+C058 Devanagari NA
U+0929 D+C059 Devanagari Dravidian NNNA
U+092A D+C05A Devanagari PA
U+092B D+C05B Devanagari PHA
U+092C D+C05C Devanagari BA
U+092D D+C05D Devanagari BHA
U+092E D+C05E Devanagari MA
U+092F D+C05F Devanagari YA
U+0930 D+C060 Devanagari RA
U+0931 D+C061 Devanagari Dravidian RRA
U+0932 D+C062 Devanagari LA
U+0933 D+C063 Devanagari LLA
U+0934 D+C064 Devanagari Dravidian LLLA
U+0935 D+C065 Devanagari VA
U+0936 D+C066 Devanagari SHA
U+0937 D+C067 Devanagari SSA
U+0938 D+C068 Devanagari SA
U+0939 D+C069 Devanagari HA
 ़ U+093C D+C06C Devanagari nukta
U+093D D+C06D Devanagari avagraha
U+093E D+C06E Devanagari AA
ि U+093F D+C06F Devanagari I
U+0940 D+C070 Devanagari II
U+0941 D+C071 Devanagari U
U+0942 D+C072 Devanagari UU
U+0943 D+C073 Devanagari Vocalic R
U+0944 D+C074 Devanagari Vocalic RR
U+0945 D+C075 Devanagari Candra E
U+0946 D+C076 Devanagari Dravidian Short E
U+0947 D+C077 Devanagari E
U+0948 D+C078 Devanagari AI
U+0949 D+C079 Devanagari Candra O
U+094A D+C07A Devanagari Dravidian Short O
U+094B D+C07B Devanagari O
U+094C D+C07C Devanagari AU
 ् U+094D D+C07D Devanagari virama
U+0950 D+C080 Devanagari om
 ॑ U+0951 D+C081 Devanagari udatta
 ॒ U+0952 D+C082 Devanagari stress
 ॓ U+0953 D+C083 Devanagari accent grave
 ॔ U+0954 D+C084 Devanagari accent acute
क़ U+0958 D+C088 Devanagari QA
ख़ U+0959 D+C089 Devanagari KHHA
ग़ U+095A D+C08A Devanagari GHHA
ज़ U+095B D+C08B Devanagari ZA
ड़ U+095C D+C08C Devanagari DDDHA
ढ़ U+095D D+C08D Devanagari RHA
फ़ U+095E D+C08E Devanagari FA
य़ U+095F D+C08F Devanagari YYA
U+0960 D+C090 Devanagari Vocalic RR
U+0961 D+C091 Devanagari Vocalic LL
U+0962 D+C092 Devanagari Vocalic L
U+0963 D+C093 Devanagari Vocalic LL
U+0964 D+C094 Devanagari Danda
U+0965 D+C095 Devanagari Double Danda
U+0966 D+C096 Devanagari digit zero
U+0967 D+C097 Devanagari digit one
U+0968 D+C098 Devanagari digit two
U+0969 D+C099 Devanagari digit three
U+096A D+C09A Devanagari digit four
U+096B D+C09B Devanagari digit five
U+096C D+C02C Devanagari digit six
U+096D D+C09D Devanagari digit seven
U+096E D+C09E Devanagari digit eight
U+096F D+C09F Devanagari digit nine
U+0970 D+C0A0 Devanagari abbreviation sign
U+097B D+C0AB Devanagari GGA
U+097C D+C0AC Devanagari JJA
U+097D D+C0AD Devanagari Glottal Stop
U+097E D+C0AE Devanagari DDDA
ॿ U+097F D+C0AF Devanagari BBBA
Bengali Script

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Bengali Script
Char Unicode DUSCI Name
U+0981 D+C131 Bengali candrabindu
U+0982 D+C132 Bengali anusvara
U+0983 D+C133 Bengali visarga
U+0985 D+C135 Bengali A
U+0986 D+C136 Bengali AA
U+0987 D+C137 Bengali I
U+0988 D+C138 Bengali II
U+0989 D+C139 Bengali U
U+098A D+C13A Bengali UU
U+098B D+C13B Bengali Vocalic R
U+098C D+C13C Bengali Vocalic L
U+098F D+C13F Bengali E
U+0990 D+C140 Bengali AI
U+0993 D+C143 Bengali O
U+0994 D+C144 Bengali AU
U+0995 D+C145 Bengali KA
U+0996 D+C146 Bengali KHA
U+0997 D+C147 Bengali GA
U+0998 D+C148 Bengali GHA
U+0999 D+C149 Bengali NGA
U+099A D+C14A Bengali CA
U+099B D+C14B Bengali CHA
U+099C D+C14C Bengali JA
U+099D D+C14D Bengali JHA
U+099E D+C14E Bengali NYA
U+099F D+C14F Bengali TTA
U+09A0 D+C150 Bengali TTHA
U+09A1 D+C151 Bengali DDA
U+09A2 D+C152 Bengali DDHA
U+09A3 D+C153 Bengali NNA
U+09A4 D+C154 Bengali TA
U+09A5 D+C155 Bengali THA
U+09A6 D+C156 Bengali DA
U+09A7 D+C157 Bengali DHA
U+09A8 D+C158 Bengali NA
U+09AA D+C15A Bengali PA
U+09AB D+C15B Bengali PHA
U+09AC D+C15C Bengali BA
U+09AD D+C15D Bengali BHA
U+09AE D+C15E Bengali MA
U+09AF D+C15F Bengali YA
U+09B0 D+C160 Bengali RA
U+09B2 D+C162 Bengali LA
U+09B6 D+C166 Bengali SHA
U+09B7 D+C167 Bengali SSA
U+09B8 D+C168 Bengali SA
U+09B9 D+C169 Bengali HA
 ় U+09BC D+C16C Bengali nukta
U+09BD D+C16D Bengali Avangraha
 া U+09BE D+C16E Bengali AA
ি U+09BF D+C16F Bengali Vowel Sign I
U+09C0 D+C170 Bengali Vowel Sign II
U+09C1 D+C171 Bengali Vowel Sign U
U+09C2 D+C172 Bengali Vowel Sign UU
U+09C3 D+C173 Bengali Vowel Sign Vocalic R
U+09C4 D+C174 Bengali Vowel Sign Vocalic RR
U+09C7 D+C177 Bengali Vowel Sign E
U+09C8 D+C178 Bengali Vowel Sign AI
U+09CB D+C17B Bengali Vowel Sign O
U+09CC D+C17C Bengali Vowel Sign AU
 ্ U+09CD D+C17D Bengali virama
U+09CE D+C17E Bengali Khanda TA
 ৗ U+09D7 D+C187 Bengali Au length mark
ড় U+09DC D+C18C Bengali DDDHA
ঢ় U+09DD D+C18D Bengali RHA
য় U+09DF D+C18F Bengali YYA
U+09E0 D+C190 Bengali Vocalic RR
U+09E1 D+C191 Bengali Vocalic LL
U+09E2 D+C192 Bengali Vocalic L
U+09E3 D+C193 Bengali Vocalic LL
U+09E6 D+C196 Bengali digit zero
U+09E7 D+C197 Bengali digit one
U+09E8 D+C198 Bengali digit two
U+09E9 D+C199 Bengali digit three
U+09EA D+C19A Bengali digit four
U+09EB D+C19B Bengali digit five
U+09EC D+C12C Bengali digit six
U+09ED D+C19D Bengali digit seven
U+09EE D+C19E Bengali digit eight
U+09EF D+C19F Bengali digit nine
U+09F0 D+C1A0 Bengali RA with middle diagonal
U+09F1 D+C1A1 Bengali RA with lower diagonal
U+09F2 D+C1A2 Bengali Rupee mark
U+09F3 D+C1A3 Bengali Rupee sign
U+09F4 D+C1A4 Bengali currency digit one
U+09F5 D+C1A5 Bengali currency digit two
U+09F6 D+C1A6 Bengali currency digit three
U+09F7 D+C1A7 Bengali currency digit four
U+09F8 D+C1A8 Bengali currency one less than the denominator
U+09F9 D+C1A9 Bengali currency digit 16
U+09FA D+C1AA Bengali isshar