Character Code Table - (U+0Axx) - Gurmukhi and Gujarati

Note: The following table may not display all characters in the Char column on your system. This is entirely dependent on the version of Windows you are running, and what Character Sets are installed. These fonts are built into Windows 7 and Windows Vista. In XP, when you use the Control Panel, Regional Settings, Languages, and click the boxes for Asian language support, this will add these fonts.

Text using these scripts can be imported from Microsoft Word into Duxbury DBT. If you use DBT DBT 11.1 or above for any of the languages of India/Pakistan, such as: Assamese, Awadhi, Bengali (Bangla), Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Haryanvi, Hindi, Kannada, Kurukh, Magahi, Maithili, Malayalam, Marathi, Meitei, Oriya, Panjabi, Sadri, Sanskrit, Santali, Sindhi, Sinhala, Tamil, Telugu, or Urdu then you will get the correct braille.

Gurmukhi Script

Link to Unicode website about this script.

Gurmukhi Script
Char Unicode DUSCI Name
U+0A01 D+C231 Gurmukhi candrabindu
U+0A02 D+C232 Gurmukhi anusvara
U+0A03 D+C233 Gurmukhi visarga
U+0A05 D+C235 Gurmukhi A
U+0A06 D+C236 Gurmukhi AA
U+0A07 D+C237 Gurmukhi I
U+0A08 D+C238 Gurmukhi II
U+0A09 D+C239 Gurmukhi U
U+0A0A D+C23A Gurmukhi UU
U+0A0F D+C23F Gurmukhi E
U+0A10 D+C240 Gurmukhi AI
U+0A13 D+C243 Gurmukhi O
U+0A14 D+C244 Gurmukhi AU
U+0A15 D+C245 Gurmukhi KA
U+0A16 D+C246 Gurmukhi KHA
U+0A17 D+C247 Gurmukhi GA
U+0A18 D+C248 Gurmukhi GHA
U+0A19 D+C249 Gurmukhi NGA
U+0A1A D+C24A Gurmukhi CA
U+0A1B D+C24B Gurmukhi CHA
U+0A1C D+C24C Gurmukhi JA
U+0A1D D+C24D Gurmukhi JHA
U+0A1E D+C24E Gurmukhi NYA
U+0A1F D+C24F Gurmukhi TTA
U+0A20 D+C250 Gurmukhi TTHA
U+0A21 D+C251 Gurmukhi DDA
U+0A22 D+C252 Gurmukhi DDHA
U+0A23 D+C253 Gurmukhi NNA
U+0A24 D+C254 Gurmukhi TA
U+0A25 D+C255 Gurmukhi THA
U+0A26 D+C256 Gurmukhi DA
U+0A27 D+C257 Gurmukhi DHA
U+0A28 D+C258 Gurmukhi NA
U+0A2A D+C25A Gurmukhi PA
U+0A2B D+C25B Gurmukhi PHA
U+0A2C D+C25C Gurmukhi BA
U+0A2D D+C25D Gurmukhi BHA
U+0A2E D+C25E Gurmukhi MA
U+0A2F D+C25F Gurmukhi YA
U+0A30 D+C260 Gurmukhi RA
U+0A32 D+C262 Gurmukhi LA
ਲ਼ U+0A33 D+C263 Gurmukhi LLA
U+0A35 D+C265 Gurmukhi VA
ਸ਼ U+0A36 D+C266 Gurmukhi SHA
U+0A38 D+C268 Gurmukhi SA
U+0A39 D+C269 Gurmukhi HA
 ਼ U+0A3C D+C26C Gurmukhi nukta
U+0A3D D+C26D Gurmukhi avagraha
U+0A3E D+C26E Gurmukhi AA
ਿ U+0A3F D+C26F Gurmukhi Vowel Sign I
U+0A40 D+C270 Gurmukhi Vowel Sign II
U+0A41 D+C271 Gurmukhi Vowel Sign U
U+0A42 D+C272 Gurmukhi Vowel Sign UU
U+0A47 D+C277 Gurmukhi Vowel Sign E
U+0A48 D+C278 Gurmukhi Vowel Sign AI
U+0A4B D+C27B Gurmukhi Vowel Sign O
U+0A4C D+C27C Gurmukhi Vowel Sign AU
 ੍ U+0A4D D+C27D Gurmukhi virama
 ੑ U+0A51 D+C281 Gurmukhi udatta
ਖ਼ U+0A59 D+C289 Gurmukhi KHHA
ਗ਼ U+0A5A D+C28A Gurmukhi GHHA
ਜ਼ U+0A5B D+C28B Gurmukhi ZA
U+0A5C D+C28C Gurmukhi DDDHA
U+0A5D D+C28D Gurmukhi RHA
ਫ਼ U+0A5E D+C28E Gurmukhi FA
U+0A5F D+C28F Gurmukhi YYA
U+0A64 D+C294 Gurmukhi Danda
U+0A65 D+C295 Gurmukhi Double Danda
U+0A66 D+C296 Gurmukhi digit zero
U+0A67 D+C297 Gurmukhi digit one
U+0A68 D+C298 Gurmukhi digit two
U+0A69 D+C299 Gurmukhi digit three
U+0A6A D+C29A Gurmukhi digit four
U+0A6B D+C29B Gurmukhi digit five
U+0A6C D+C22C Gurmukhi digit six
U+0A6D D+C29D Gurmukhi digit seven
U+0A6E D+C29E Gurmukhi digit eight
U+0A6F D+C29F Gurmukhi digit nine
U+0A70 D+C2A0 Gurmukhi tippi
U+0A71 D+C2A1 Gurmukhi addak
U+0A72 D+C2A2 Gurmukhi iri
U+0A73 D+C2A3 Gurmukhi ura
U+0A74 D+C2A4 Gurmukhi ek onkar
Gujarati Script

Link to Unicode website about this script.

Gujarati Script
Char Unicode DUSCI Name
U+0A81 D+C331 Gujarati candrabindu
U+0A82 D+C332 Gujarati anusvara
U+0A83 D+C333 Gujarati visarga
U+0A85 D+C335 Gujarati A
U+0A86 D+C336 Gujarati AA
U+0A87 D+C337 Gujarati I
U+0A88 D+C338 Gujarati II
U+0A89 D+C339 Gujarati U
U+0A8A D+C33A Gujarati UU
U+0A8B D+C33B Gujarati Vocalic R
U+0A8C D+C33C Gujarati Vocalic L
U+0A8D D+C33D Gujarati Candra E
U+0A8F D+C33F Gujarati E
U+0A90 D+C340 Gujarati AI
U+0A91 D+C341 Gujarati Candra O
U+0A93 D+C343 Gujarati O
U+0A94 D+C344 Gujarati AU
U+0A95 D+C345 Gujarati KA
U+0A96 D+C346 Gujarati KHA
U+0A97 D+C347 Gujarati GA
U+0A98 D+C348 Gujarati GHA
U+0A99 D+C349 Gujarati NGA
U+0A9A D+C34A Gujarati CA
U+0A9B D+C34B Gujarati CHA
U+0A9C D+C34C Gujarati JA
U+0A9D D+C34D Gujarati JHA
U+0A9E D+C34E Gujarati NYA
U+0A9F D+C34F Gujarati TTA
U+0AA0 D+C350 Gujarati TTHA
U+0AA1 D+C351 Gujarati DDA
U+0AA2 D+C352 Gujarati DDHA
U+0AA3 D+C353 Gujarati NNA
U+0AA4 D+C354 Gujarati TA
U+0AA5 D+C355 Gujarati THA
U+0AA6 D+C356 Gujarati DA
U+0AA7 D+C357 Gujarati DHA
U+0AA8 D+C358 Gujarati NA
U+0AAA D+C35A Gujarati PA
U+0AAB D+C35B Gujarati PHA
U+0AAC D+C35C Gujarati BA
U+0AAD D+C35D Gujarati BHA
U+0AAE D+C35E Gujarati MA
U+0AAF D+C35F Gujarati YA
U+0AB0 D+C360 Gujarati RA
U+0AB2 D+C362 Gujarati LA
U+0AB3 D+C363 Gujarati LLA
U+0AB5 D+C365 Gujarati VA
U+0AB6 D+C366 Gujarati SHA
U+0AB7 D+C367 Gujarati SSA
U+0AB8 D+C368 Gujarati SA
U+0AB9 D+C369 Gujarati HA
 ઼ U+0ABC D+C36C Gujarati nukta
U+0ABD D+C36D Gujarati avagraha
U+0ABE D+C36E Gujarati AA
િ U+0ABF D+C36F Gujarati Vowel Sign I
U+0AC0 D+C370 Gujarati Vowel Sign II
U+0AC1 D+C371 Gujarati Vowel Sign U
U+0AC2 D+C372 Gujarati Vowel Sign UU
U+0AC3 D+C373 Gujarati Vowel Sign Vocalic R
U+0AC4 D+C374 Gujarati Vowel Sign Vocalic RR
U+0AC5 D+C375 Gujarati Vowel Sign Candra E
U+0AC7 D+C377 Gujarati Vowel Sign E
U+0AC8 D+C378 Gujarati Vowel Sign AI
U+0AC9 D+C379 Gujarati Vowel Sign Candra O
U+0ACB D+C37B Gujarati Vowel Sign O
U+0ACC D+C37C Gujarati Vowel Sign AU
 ્ U+0ACD D+C37D Gujarati virama
U+0AD0 D+C380 Gujarati om
U+0AE0 D+C390 Gujarati Vocalic RR
U+0AE1 D+C391 Gujarati Vocalic LL
U+0AE2 D+C392 Gujarati Vocalic L
U+0AE3 D+C393 Gujarati Vocalic LL
U+0AE6 D+C396 Gujarati digit zero
U+0AE7 D+C397 Gujarati digit one
U+0AE8 D+C398 Gujarati digit two
U+0AE9 D+C399 Gujarati digit three
U+0AEA D+C39A Gujarati digit four
U+0AEB D+C39B Gujarati digit five
U+0AEC D+C32C Gujarati digit six
U+0AED D+C39D Gujarati digit seven
U+0AEE D+C39E Gujarati digit eight
U+0AEF D+C39F Gujarati digit nine
U+0AF1 D+C3A1 Gujarati Gujarati Rupee sign