Character Code Table - (U+0Bxx) - Oriya and Tamil

Note: The following table may not display all characters in the Char column on your system. This is entirely dependent on the version of Windows you are running, and what Character Sets are installed. These fonts are built into Windows 7 and Windows Vista. In XP, when you use the Control Panel, Regional Settings, Languages, and click the boxes for Asian language support, this will add these fonts.

Text using these scripts can be imported from Microsoft Word into Duxbury DBT. If you use DBT DBT 11.1 or above for any of the languages of India/Pakistan, such as: Assamese, Awadhi, Bengali (Bangla), Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Haryanvi, Hindi, Kannada, Kurukh, Magahi, Maithili, Malayalam, Marathi, Meitei, Oriya, Panjabi, Sadri, Sanskrit, Santali, Sindhi, Sinhala, Tamil, Telugu, or Urdu then you will get the correct braille.

Oriya Script

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Oriya Script
Char Unicode DUSCI Name
U+0B01 D+C431 Oriya candrabindu
U+0B02 D+C432 Oriya anusvara
U+0B03 D+C433 Oriya visarga
U+0B05 D+C435 Oriya A
U+0B06 D+C436 Oriya AA
U+0B07 D+C437 Oriya I
U+0B08 D+C438 Oriya II
U+0B09 D+C439 Oriya U
U+0B0A D+C43A Oriya UU
U+0B0B D+C43B Oriya Vocalic R
U+0B0C D+C43C Oriya Vocalic L
U+0B0F D+C43F Oriya E
U+0B10 D+C440 Oriya AI
U+0B13 D+C443 Oriya O
U+0B14 D+C444 Oriya AU
U+0B15 D+C445 Oriya KA
U+0B16 D+C446 Oriya KHA
U+0B17 D+C447 Oriya GA
U+0B18 D+C448 Oriya GHA
U+0B19 D+C449 Oriya NGA
U+0B1A D+C44A Oriya CA
U+0B1B D+C44B Oriya CHA
U+0B1C D+C44C Oriya JA
U+0B1D D+C44D Oriya JHA
U+0B1E D+C44E Oriya NYA
U+0B1F D+C44F Oriya TTA
U+0B20 D+C450 Oriya TTHA
U+0B21 D+C451 Oriya DDA
U+0B22 D+C452 Oriya DDHA
U+0B23 D+C453 Oriya NNA
U+0B24 D+C454 Oriya TA
U+0B25 D+C455 Oriya THA
U+0B26 D+C456 Oriya DA
U+0B27 D+C457 Oriya DHA
U+0B28 D+C458 Oriya NA
U+0B2A D+C45A Oriya PA
U+0B2B D+C45B Oriya PHA
U+0B2C D+C45C Oriya BA
U+0B2D D+C45D Oriya BHA
U+0B2E D+C45E Oriya MA
U+0B2F D+C45F Oriya YA
U+0B30 D+C460 Oriya RA
U+0B32 D+C462 Oriya LA
U+0B33 D+C463 Oriya LLA
U+0B35 D+C465 Oriya VA
U+0B36 D+C466 Oriya SHA
U+0B37 D+C467 Oriya SSA
U+0B38 D+C468 Oriya SA
U+0B39 D+C469 Oriya HA
 ଼ U+0B3C D+C46C Oriya nukta
U+0B3D D+C46D Oriya avagraha
 ା U+0B3E D+C46E Oriya AA
ି U+0B3F D+C46F Oriya Vowel Sign I
U+0B40 D+C470 Oriya Vowel Sign II
U+0B41 D+C471 Oriya Vowel Sign U
U+0B42 D+C472 Oriya Vowel Sign UU
U+0B43 D+C473 Oriya Vowel Sign Vocalic R
U+0B44 D+C474 Oriya Vowel Sign Vocalic RR
U+0B47 D+C477 Oriya Vowel Sign E
U+0B48 D+C478 Oriya Vowel Sign AI
U+0B4B D+C47B Oriya Vowel Sign O
U+0B4C D+C47C Oriya Vowel Sign AU
 ୍ U+0B4D D+C47D Oriya virama
 ୖ U+0B56 D+C486 Oriya AI length mark
 ୗ U+0B57 D+C487 Oriya AU length mark
ଡ଼ U+0B5C D+C48C Oriya DDDHA
ଢ଼ U+0B5D D+C48D Oriya RHA
U+0B5F D+C48F Oriya YYA
U+0B60 D+C490 Oriya Vocalic RR
U+0B61 D+C491 Oriya Vocalic LL
U+0B62 D+C492 Oriya Vocalic L
U+0B63 D+C493 Oriya Vocalic LL
U+0B64 D+C494 Oriya Danda
U+0B65 D+C495 Oriya Double Danda
U+0B66 D+C496 Oriya digit zero
U+0B67 D+C497 Oriya digit one
U+0B68 D+C498 Oriya digit two
U+0B69 D+C499 Oriya digit three
U+0B6A D+C49A Oriya digit four
U+0B6B D+C49B Oriya digit five
U+0B6C D+C42C Oriya digit six
U+0B6D D+C49D Oriya digit seven
U+0B6E D+C49E Oriya digit eight
U+0B6F D+C49F Oriya digit nine
U+0B70 D+C4A0 Oriya isshar
U+0B71 D+C4A1 Oriya WA
Tamil Script

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Tamil Script
Char Unicode DUSCI Name
U+0B82 D+C532 Tamil Anusvara
U+0B83 D+C533 Tamil Aytham
U+0B85 D+C535 Tamil A
U+0B86 D+C536 Tamil AA
U+0B87 D+C537 Tamil I
U+0B88 D+C538 Tamil II
U+0B89 D+C539 Tamil U
U+0B8A D+C53A Tamil UU
U+0B8E D+C53E Tamil Short E
U+0B8F D+C53F Tamil E
U+0B90 D+C540 Tamil AI
U+0B92 D+C542 Tamil Short O
U+0B93 D+C543 Tamil O
U+0B94 D+C544 Tamil AU
U+0B95 D+C545 Tamil KA
U+0B99 D+C549 Tamil NGA
U+0B9A D+C54A Tamil CA
U+0B9C D+C54C Tamil JA
U+0B9E D+C54E Tamil NYA
U+0B9F D+C54F Tamil TTA
U+0BA3 D+C553 Tamil NNA
U+0BA4 D+C554 Tamil TA
U+0BA8 D+C558 Tamil NA
U+0BA9 D+C559 Tamil NNNA
U+0BAA D+C55A Tamil PA
U+0BAE D+C55E Tamil MA
U+0BAF D+C55F Tamil YA
U+0BB0 D+C560 Tamil RA
U+0BB1 D+C561 Tamil RRA
U+0BB2 D+C562 Tamil LA
U+0BB3 D+C563 Tamil LLA
U+0BB4 D+C564 Tamil LLLA
U+0BB5 D+C565 Tamil VA
U+0BB6 D+C566 Tamil SHA
U+0BB7 D+C567 Tamil SSA
U+0BB8 D+C568 Tamil SA
U+0BB9 D+C569 Tamil HA
 ா U+0BBE D+C56E Tamil AA
ி U+0BBF D+C56F Tamil Vowel Sign I
U+0BC0 D+C570 Tamil Vowel Sign II
U+0BC1 D+C571 Tamil Vowel Sign U
U+0BC2 D+C572 Tamil Vowel Sign UU
U+0BC6 D+C576 Tamil Vowel Sign Short E
U+0BC7 D+C577 Tamil Vowel Sign E
U+0BC8 D+C578 Tamil Vowel Sign AI
U+0BCA D+C57A Tamil Vowel Sign Short O
U+0BCB D+C57B Tamil Vowel Sign O
U+0BCC D+C57C Tamil Vowel Sign AU
 ் U+0BCD D+C57D Tamil virama
U+0BD0 D+C580 Tamil om
 ௗ U+0BD7 D+C587 Tamil AU length mark
U+0BE6 D+C596 Tamil digit zero
U+0BE7 D+C597 Tamil digit one
U+0BE8 D+C598 Tamil digit two
U+0BE9 D+C599 Tamil digit three
U+0BEA D+C59A Tamil digit four
U+0BEB D+C59B Tamil digit five
U+0BEC D+C52C Tamil digit six
U+0BED D+C59D Tamil digit seven
U+0BEE D+C59E Tamil digit eight
U+0BEF D+C59F Tamil digit nine
U+0BF0 D+C5A0 Tamil ten
U+0BF1 D+C5A1 Tamil one hundred
U+0BF2 D+C5A2 Tamil one thousand
U+0BF3 D+C5A3 Tamil day sign
U+0BF4 D+C5A4 Tamil month sign
U+0BF5 D+C5A5 Tamil year sign
U+0BF6 D+C5A6 Tamil debit sign
U+0BF7 D+C5A7 Tamil credit sign
U+0BF8 D+C5A8 Tamil as above sign
U+0BF9 D+C5A9 Tamil Rupee sign
U+0BFA D+C5AA Tamil as above sign