Character Code Table - (U+0Cxx) - Telugu and Kannada

Note: The following table may not display all characters in the Char column on your system. This is entirely dependent on the version of Windows you are running, and what Character Sets are installed. These fonts are built into Windows 7 and Windows Vista. In XP, when you use the Control Panel, Regional Settings, Languages, and click the boxes for Asian language support, this will add these fonts.

Text using these scripts can be imported from Microsoft Word into Duxbury DBT. If you use DBT DBT 11.1 or above for any of the languages of India/Pakistan, such as: Assamese, Awadhi, Bengali (Bangla), Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Haryanvi, Hindi, Kannada, Kurukh, Magahi, Maithili, Malayalam, Marathi, Meitei, Oriya, Panjabi, Sadri, Sanskrit, Santali, Sindhi, Sinhala, Tamil, Telugu, or Urdu then you will get the correct braille.

Telugu Script

Link to Unicode website about this script.

Telugu Script
Char Unicode DUSCI Name
U+0C01 D+C631 Telugu candrabindu
U+0C02 D+C632 Telugu anusvara
U+0C03 D+C633 Telugu visarga
U+0C05 D+C635 Telugu A
U+0C06 D+C636 Telugu AA
U+0C07 D+C637 Telugu I
U+0C08 D+C638 Telugu II
U+0C09 D+C639 Telugu U
U+0C0A D+C63A Telugu UU
U+0C0B D+C63B Telugu Vocalic R
U+0C0C D+C63C Telugu Vocalic L
U+0C0E D+C63E Telugu Short E
U+0C0F D+C63F Telugu E
U+0C10 D+C640 Telugu AI
U+0C12 D+C642 Telugu Short O
U+0C13 D+C643 Telugu O
U+0C14 D+C644 Telugu AU
U+0C15 D+C645 Telugu KA
U+0C16 D+C646 Telugu KHA
U+0C17 D+C647 Telugu GA
U+0C18 D+C648 Telugu GHA
U+0C19 D+C649 Telugu NGA
U+0C1A D+C64A Telugu CA
U+0C1B D+C64B Telugu CHA
U+0C1C D+C64C Telugu JA
U+0C1D D+C64D Telugu JHA
U+0C1E D+C64E Telugu NYA
U+0C1F D+C64F Telugu TTA
U+0C20 D+C650 Telugu TTHA
U+0C21 D+C651 Telugu DDA
U+0C22 D+C652 Telugu DDHA
U+0C23 D+C653 Telugu NNA
U+0C24 D+C654 Telugu TA
U+0C25 D+C655 Telugu THA
U+0C26 D+C656 Telugu DA
U+0C27 D+C657 Telugu DHA
U+0C28 D+C658 Telugu NA
U+0C2A D+C65A Telugu PA
U+0C2B D+C65B Telugu PHA
U+0C2C D+C65C Telugu BA
U+0C2D D+C65D Telugu BHA
U+0C2E D+C65E Telugu MA
U+0C2F D+C65F Telugu YA
U+0C30 D+C660 Telugu RA
U+0C31 D+C661 Telugu RRA
U+0C32 D+C662 Telugu LA
U+0C33 D+C663 Telugu LLA
U+0C35 D+C665 Telugu VA
U+0C36 D+C666 Telugu SHA
U+0C37 D+C667 Telugu SSA
U+0C38 D+C668 Telugu SA
U+0C39 D+C669 Telugu HA
U+0C3D D+C66D Telugu avagraha
U+0C3E D+C66E Telugu AA
ి U+0C3F D+C66F Telugu Vowel Sign I
U+0C40 D+C670 Telugu Vowel Sign II
U+0C41 D+C671 Telugu Vowel Sign U
U+0C42 D+C672 Telugu Vowel Sign UU
U+0C43 D+C673 Telugu Vowel Sign Vocalic R
U+0C44 D+C674 Telugu Vowel Sign Vocalic RR
U+0C46 D+C676 Telugu Vowel Sign Short E
U+0C47 D+C677 Telugu Vowel Sign E
U+0C48 D+C678 Telugu Vowel Sign AI
U+0C4A D+C67A Telugu Vowel Sign Short O
U+0C4B D+C67B Telugu Vowel Sign O
U+0C4C D+C67C Telugu Vowel Sign AU
 ్ U+0C4D D+C67D Telugu virama
 ౕ U+0C55 D+C685 Telugu length mark
 ౖ U+0C56 D+C686 Telugu ai length mark
U+0C60 D+C690 Telugu Vocalic RR
U+0C61 D+C691 Telugu Vocalic LL
U+0C62 D+C692 Telugu Vocalic L
U+0C63 D+C693 Telugu Vocalic LL
U+0C64 D+C694 Telugu Danda
U+0C65 D+C695 Telugu Double Danda
U+0C66 D+C696 Telugu digit zero
U+0C67 D+C697 Telugu digit one
U+0C68 D+C698 Telugu digit two
U+0C69 D+C699 Telugu digit three
U+0C6A D+C69A Telugu digit four
U+0C6B D+C69B Telugu digit five
U+0C6C D+C62C Telugu digit six
U+0C6D D+C69D Telugu digit seven
U+0C6E D+C69E Telugu digit eight
U+0C6F D+C69F Telugu digit nine
U+0C78 D+C6A8 Telugu digit zero for odd powers of four
U+0C79 D+C6A9 Telugu digit one for odd powers of four
U+0C7A D+C6AA Telugu digit two for odd powers of four
U+0C7B D+C6AB Telugu digit three for odd powers of four
U+0C7C D+C6AC Telugu digit zero for even powers of four
U+0C7D D+C6AD Telugu digit one for even powers of four
U+0C7E D+C6AE Telugu digit two for even powers of four
౿ U+0C7F D+C6AF Telugu digit three for even powers of four
Kannada Script

Link to Unicode website about this script.

Kannada Script
Char Unicode DUSCI Name
U+0C82 D+C732 Kannada anusvara
U+0C83 D+C733 Kannada visarga
U+0C85 D+C735 Kannada A
U+0C86 D+C736 Kannada AA
U+0C87 D+C737 Kannada I
U+0C88 D+C738 Kannada II
U+0C89 D+C739 Kannada U
U+0C8A D+C73A Kannada UU
U+0C8B D+C73B Kannada Vocalic R
U+0C8C D+C73C Kannada Vocalic L
U+0C8E D+C73E Kannada Short E
U+0C8F D+C73F Kannada E
U+0C90 D+C740 Kannada AI
U+0C92 D+C742 Kannada Short O
U+0C93 D+C743 Kannada O
U+0C94 D+C744 Kannada AU
U+0C95 D+C745 Kannada KA
U+0C96 D+C746 Kannada KHA
U+0C97 D+C747 Kannada GA
U+0C98 D+C748 Kannada GHA
U+0C99 D+C749 Kannada NGA
U+0C9A D+C74A Kannada CA
U+0C9B D+C74B Kannada CHA
U+0C9C D+C74C Kannada JA
U+0C9D D+C74D Kannada JHA
U+0C9E D+C74E Kannada NYA
U+0C9F D+C74F Kannada TTA
U+0CA0 D+C750 Kannada TTHA
U+0CA1 D+C751 Kannada DDA
U+0CA2 D+C752 Kannada DDHA
U+0CA3 D+C753 Kannada NNA
U+0CA4 D+C754 Kannada TA
U+0CA5 D+C755 Kannada THA
U+0CA6 D+C756 Kannada DA
U+0CA7 D+C757 Kannada DHA
U+0CA8 D+C758 Kannada NA
U+0CAA D+C75A Kannada PA
U+0CAB D+C75B Kannada PHA
U+0CAC D+C75C Kannada BA
U+0CAD D+C75D Kannada BHA
U+0CAE D+C75E Kannada MA
U+0CAF D+C75F Kannada YA
U+0CB0 D+C760 Kannada RA
U+0CB1 D+C761 Kannada RRA
U+0CB2 D+C762 Kannada LA
U+0CB3 D+C763 Kannada LLA
U+0CB5 D+C765 Kannada VA
U+0CB6 D+C766 Kannada SHA
U+0CB7 D+C767 Kannada SSA
U+0CB8 D+C768 Kannada SA
U+0CB9 D+C769 Kannada HA
 ಼ U+0CBC D+C76C Kannada nukta
U+0CBD D+C76D Kannada avagraha
U+0CBE D+C76E Kannada AA
ಿ U+0CBF D+C76F Kannada Vowel Sign I
U+0CC0 D+C770 Kannada Vowel Sign II
U+0CC1 D+C771 Kannada Vowel Sign U
 ೂ U+0CC2 D+C772 Kannada Vowel Sign UU
U+0CC3 D+C773 Kannada Vowel Sign Vocalic R
U+0CC4 D+C774 Kannada Vowel Sign Vocalic RR
U+0CC6 D+C776 Kannada Vowel Sign Short E
U+0CC7 D+C777 Kannada Vowel Sign E
U+0CC8 D+C778 Kannada Vowel Sign AI
U+0CCA D+C77A Kannada Vowel Sign Short O
U+0CCB D+C77B Kannada Vowel Sign O
U+0CCC D+C77C Kannada Vowel Sign AU
 ್ U+0CCD D+C77D Kannada virama
 ೕ U+0CD5 D+C785 Kannada length mark
 ೖ U+0CD6 D+C786 Kannada ai length mark
U+0CDE D+C78E Kannada FA
U+0CE0 D+C790 Kannada Vocalic RR
U+0CE1 D+C791 Kannada Vocalic LL
U+0CE2 D+C792 Kannada Vocalic L
U+0CE3 D+C793 Kannada Vocalic LL
U+0CE4 D+C794 Kannada Danda
U+0CE5 D+C795 Kannada Double Danda
U+0CE6 D+C796 Kannada digit zero
U+0CE7 D+C797 Kannada digit one
U+0CE8 D+C798 Kannada digit two
U+0CE9 D+C799 Kannada digit three
U+0CEA D+C79A Kannada digit four
U+0CEB D+C79B Kannada digit five
U+0CEC D+C72C Kannada digit six
U+0CED D+C79D Kannada digit seven
U+0CEE D+C79E Kannada digit eight
U+0CEF D+C79F Kannada digit nine
U+0CF1 D+C7A1 Kannada jihvamuliya
U+0CF2 D+C7A2 Kannada upadhmaniya