Character Code Table - (U+17xx) - Khmer

Note: The following table may not display all characters in the Char column on your system. This is entirely dependent on the version of Windows you are running, and what Character Sets are installed. These fonts are built into Windows 7 and Windows Vista. We recommend using Windows 7 or Windows Vista for Khmer.

Text using these scripts can be imported from Microsoft Word into Duxbury DBT. If you the Khmer braille translator to handle these characters.

Khmer Script

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Khmer Script
Char Unicode DUSCI Name
U+1780 D+BB30 Khmer letter ka
U+1781 D+BB31 Khmer letter kha
U+1782 D+BB32 Khmer letter ko
U+1783 D+BB33 Khmer letter kho
U+1784 D+BB34 Khmer letter ngo
U+1785 D+BB35 Khmer letter ca
U+1786 D+BB36 Khmer letter cha
U+1787 D+BB37 Khmer letter co
U+1788 D+BB38 Khmer letter cho
U+1789 D+BB39 Khmer letter nyo
U+178a D+BB3A Khmer letter da
U+178b D+BB3B Khmer letter ttha
U+178c D+BB3C Khmer letter do
U+178d D+BB3D Khmer letter ttho
U+178e D+BB3E Khmer letter nno
U+178f D+BB3F Khmer letter ta
U+1790 D+BB40 Khmer letter tha
U+1791 D+BB41 Khmer letter to
U+1792 D+BB42 Khmer letter tho
U+1793 D+BB43 Khmer letter no
U+1794 D+BB44 Khmer letter ba
U+1795 D+BB45 Khmer letter pha
U+1796 D+BB46 Khmer letter po
U+1797 D+BB47 Khmer letter pho
U+1798 D+BB48 Khmer letter mo
U+1799 D+BB49 Khmer letter yo
U+179a D+BB4A Khmer letter ro
U+179b D+BB4B Khmer letter lo
U+179c D+BB4C Khmer letter vo
U+179d D+BB4D Khmer letter sha
U+179e D+BB4E Khmer letter sso
U+179f D+BB4F Khmer letter sa
U+17a0 D+BB50 Khmer letter ha
U+17a1 D+BB51 Khmer letter la
U+17a2 D+BB52 Khmer letter qa
U+17a3 D+BB53 Khmer independent vowel qaq
U+17a4 D+BB54 Khmer independent vowel qaa
U+17a5 D+BB55 Khmer independent vowel qi
U+17a6 D+BB56 Khmer independent vowel qii
U+17a7 D+BB57 Khmer independent vowel qu
U+17a8 D+BB58 Khmer independent vowel quk
U+17a9 D+BB59 Khmer independent vowel quu
U+17aa D+BB5A Khmer independent vowel quuv
U+17ab D+BB5B Khmer independent vowel ry
U+17ac D+BB5C Khmer independent vowel ryy
U+17ad D+BB5D Khmer independent vowel ly
U+17ae D+BB5E Khmer independent vowel lyy
U+17af D+BB5F Khmer independent vowel qe
U+17b0 D+BB60 Khmer independent vowel qai
U+17b1 D+BB61 Khmer independent vowel qoo type one
U+17b2 D+BB62 Khmer independent vowel qoo type two
U+17b3 D+BB63 Khmer independent vowel qau
U+17b4 D+BB64 Khmer vowel inherent aq
U+17b5 D+BB65 Khmer vowel inherent aa
U+17b6 D+BB66 Khmer vowel sign aa
U+17b7 D+BB67 Khmer vowel sign i
U+17b8 D+BB68 Khmer vowel sign ii
U+17b9 D+BB69 Khmer vowel sign y
U+17ba D+BB6A Khmer vowel sign yy
U+17bb D+BB6B Khmer vowel sign u
U+17bc D+BB6C Khmer vowel sign uu
U+17bd D+BB6D Khmer vowel sign ua
U+17be D+BB6E Khmer vowel sign oe
U+17bf D+BB6F Khmer vowel sign ya
U+17c0 D+BB70 Khmer vowel sign ie
U+17c1 D+BB71 Khmer vowel sign e
U+17c2 D+BB72 Khmer vowel sign ae
U+17c3 D+BB73 Khmer vowel sign ai
U+17c4 D+BB74 Khmer vowel sign oo
U+17c5 D+BB75 Khmer vowel sign au
U+17c6 D+BB76 Khmer sign nikahit
U+17c7 D+BB77 Khmer sign reahmuk
U+17c8 D+BB78 Khmer sign yuukaleapintu
U+17c9 D+BB79 Khmer sign muusikatoan
U+17ca D+BB7A Khmer sign triisap
U+17cb D+BB7B Khmer sign bantoc
U+17cc D+BB7C Khmer sign robat
U+17cd D+BB7D Khmer sign toandakhiat
U+17ce D+BB7E Khmer sign kakabat
U+17cf D+BB7F Khmer sign ahsda
U+17d0 D+BB80 Khmer sign samyok sannya
U+17d1 D+BB81 Khmer sign viriam
 ្ U+17d2 D+BB82 Khmer sign coeng
U+17d3 D+BB83 Khmer sign bathamasat
U+17d4 D+BB84 Khmer sign khan
U+17d5 D+BB85 Khmer sign bariyoosan
U+17d6 D+BB86 Khmer sign camnuc pii kuuh
U+17d7 D+BB87 Khmer sign lek too
U+17d8 D+BB88 Khmer sign beyyal
U+17d9 D+BB89 Khmer sign phnaek muan
U+17da D+BB8A Khmer sign koomuut
U+17db D+BB8B Khmer currency symbol riel
U+17dc D+BB8C Khmer sign avakrahasanya
 ៝ U+17dd D+BB8D Khmer sign atthacan
U+17e0 D+BB90 Khmer digit zero
U+17e1 D+BB91 Khmer digit one
U+17e2 D+BB92 Khmer digit two
U+17e3 D+BB93 Khmer digit three
U+17e4 D+BB94 Khmer digit four
U+17e5 D+BB95 Khmer digit five
U+17e6 D+BB96 Khmer digit six
U+17e7 D+BB97 Khmer digit seven
U+17e8 D+BB98 Khmer digit eight
U+17e9 D+BB99 Khmer digit nine
U+17f0 D+BBA0 Khmer digit zero: symbol lek attak son
U+17f1 D+BBA1 Khmer digit one: symbol lek attak muoy
U+17f2 D+BBA2 Khmer digit two: symbol lek attak pii
U+17f3 D+BBA3 Khmer digit three: symbol lek attak bei
U+17f4 D+BBA4 Khmer digit four: symbol lek attak buon
U+17f5 D+BBA5 Khmer digit five: symbol lek attak pram
U+17f6 D+BBA6 Khmer digit six: symbol lek attak pram-muoy
U+17f7 D+BBA7 Khmer digit seven: symbol lek attak pram-pii
U+17f8 D+BBA8 Khmer digit eight: symbol lek attak pram-bei
U+17f9 D+BBA9 Khmer digit nine: symbol lek attak pram-buon