FILE: (Menu)

Keystroke: Alt + f

Choices on the File menu are operations on the whole file: open, close, save, translate and emboss. This menu is also where you exit DBT.

When you click on File, the following list of options appears. Depending on when you call up this menu, some items may be unavailable (grayed out).

Image shows the File menu as described below.

Note that after each item, a Keyboard Shortcut is shown. You can use the shortcut to save having to call up the menu each time you want to do something. For example, if you want to Save the document you are working on, you can hold down the Control Key, and press the letter S.

Each action in this menu is described in its own sub-topic.

New... (or Ctrl-N)
Open... (or Ctrl-O)
Close (or Ctrl-F4)

Save (or Ctrl-S)
Save as... (or F3)

Translate (or Ctrl-T)

Print... (or Ctrl-P)
Emboss... (or Ctrl-E)

Other Programs (optional, if any installed).

Exit (or Alt-F4)
Recently Used Files (Press Enter when selected or type number on list)