Global: Autosave Options

Keystroke: a from Global menu.

Image shows Autosave Options dialog.

By default, Autosave is turned on and defaults to 5 minute intervals. Essentially this feature saves files which you have opened, and made changes to at pre-determined intervals. The dialog which appears is relatively simple, with just three options.

Enable autosave: is a checkbox. If you do not wish to use the Autosave feature, uncheck this box.

Path for autosaved files: By default, autosaved files will be stored in your Documents folder, within a folder called "DBT Autosaves". If you wish these files to be saved elsewhere, you may provide an alternative path.

Note: "DBT Autosaves" is a Hidden Folder, and cannot normally be seen within Documents unless you have elected to show hidden files on your system.

Autosave every (mm:ss): The default setting is 5 minutes, however you may enter a longer or shorter period as required.

For details of how to use the Recovery Wizard to recover files, please see the next topic: Autosave Recovery Wizard.