LAYOUT: (Menu)

Keystroke: Alt + l (l as in Lima)

The Layout menu is used to handle all aspects of translation and formatting of text within your document. In other words, Layout is where you can access the numerous Styles, translation Codes, and format codes that make DBT so flexible. Whenever possible, and especially with major projects, we recommend using Styles instead of direct coding. Doing so will make it easier to manage your documents. For an in-depth discussion, we recommend reading Codes & Styles - Introduction.

Image shows Layout drop down menu.

Choices in the Layout Menu include:

Apply Style... (or F8)

Apply Last Style (or Shift + F8)

Style Level + (or Alt + Right Arrow)

Style Level - (or Alt + Left Arrow)

Join Styles (or j)

Join Lines (or o)

Translation Codes (or t)

Character Codes (or c)

Line Codes (or l)

Left Margin (or e)

Right Margin (or g)

Runover Offset (or r)

Math Codes (or m)

Page Codes (or g)

Set Page Number... (or n)

Header... (or h)

Footer... (or f)

Generate Table of Contents (or b)

Picture (or p)

Code List... (or d - or F5)