VIEW: (Menu)

Keystroke: Alt + v

Image shows the View menu as described below.

The View menu determines which document will appear on your screen, and how it will appear.

Note that a tick or check mark may appear to the left of some items on this menu. If you are using a screen reader, this should be spoken.

The bottom of the View menu is a list of all documents opened during your editing session, including those created by File: Translate... Choosing one of these documents will make it become the current document. The remaining View menu items, listed below, will affect the way the front-most document appears.

See also Global: Default Views to find out how to customize the initial View settings.

Full-Page (or Ctrl + f)

Print Font (or Ctrl + F5)
Braille Font (or Ctrl + F6)
SimBraille Font (or Ctrl + F7)

Six-Key (Braille) Entry (or F2)

Codes (or Alt + F3)
Translated Line (or Ctrl + F8)

Active Document(s) - List of Open Files (Move cursor to required item in list or click mouse on item).