EDIT: (Menu)

Keystroke: Alt + e

This menu and its sub-menus deal with editing work to be done within a file.

Image shows the Edit drop down menu.

(Some items may be grayed out depending on when you call up this menu.)

This menu contains the following Items:

Undo (orCtrl + Z)
Redo (or Ctrl + Y)
Cut (or Ctrl + X)
Copy (or Ctrl + C)
Paste (or Ctrl + V)
Clear (or Del)
Select All (or Ctrl + A)

Highlight (or Ctrl +H)

Change Case (or Shift + F3)

Insert File... (There is no keyboard shortcut. This command opens a dialog)

Goto (or Ctrl + G)
Find (or Ctrl + F)
Find Again (or Ctrl + I) (I as in India)
Replace (or F6)

Spell Check (or Shift + F11
Find Misspelling (or F11)