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Using Help

Welcome to DBT's Help System!

There are two ways to access Help in DBT. One is to select Help on the Menu bar and then select Help Topics. The other way is to press the F1 function key.

Pressing F1 gets you either get specific help on the current menu selection or general help (the whole tree) if you press F1 when there is no obvious specific choice, such as within the DBT Editing Window.

There is also a copy of the text of DBT Help on the Duxbury website, for use when you select Translate Help or when you use a search engine that offers a link into DBT's Help material on the internet.

Throughout the Help System, we frequently describe how to accomplish a task. Often this requires a combination of keystrokes. The DBT Help convention to indicate a specific key is to show the name in bold type, as in the F1 key cited above. Likewise Enter or Tab (in bold) indicates those keys on your keyboard. To describe a combination of keys, we use the + sign, as in Alt + c, which means hold down the Alt key while pressing the c. A full discussion of the typographic conventions used in DBT Help can be found in the topic, DBT Help Conventions, in this section.

By the way, perhaps you noticed that items on the DBT menus above are also in bold? DBT menu items and commands are generally indicated in bold as well.

The Using Help section consists of the following topics:

JAWS Scripts

What Is in the Help Window

Navigating Help

DBT Help Conventions