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What is New in DBT

Duxbury Systems continually revises DBT to make fixes, respond to braille rules changes, and to add new features. The lists below cover only changes since the last major release. For the most recent information, possibly newer than that included here, please take advantage of Check for Updates from the DBT Help menu. Or, visit the Duxbury Website for both new information and historical information about DBT features and updates.

DBT 12.2 SR1

Template Improvements

The BANA Template for Word, "BANA Braille" has new features since its initial release, for example, the Line Continuation Indicator for controlling line breaks on long text, and many new controls for Nemeth math in UEB (& EBAE). This template synchronizes with SWIFT 5.1, which is also now available.

The "English (UEB) - UK Formatting (UKAAF)" template is updated with new styles, and streamlined, with rarely used styles hidden and unused styles deleted. For a more detailed explanation of this template, please see Styles in the English (UEB) - UK Formatting (UKAAF) Template.

The Exercise style in the "English (UEB) - BANA with Nemeth" template is fixed, removing a hidden right margin.

The Australian UEB Template is improved, with several issues fixed.

New styles in all UEB templates enable ALL CAPS passages to continue across multiple paragraphs (CapTgr), fine control of capitalized passages (CapBreak), and control over line breaks on long URLs, email addresses, etc, (Continuation). (We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of the Australian Braille Authority.)

The DBT templates, "English (BANA Pre-UEB Textbook DE) - BANA" and "English (BANA Pre-UEB Textbook DE) - BANA with Nemeth", now remove unwanted blank lines in several circumstances, such as between second and third level headings.

DBT Editor Improvements

Substantial additions and updates to DBT Help.

The DBT Find function now accepts braille fonts in a search string. Likewise, a hard hyphen can once again be part of a search string (restoring 12.1 functionality).

DBT's automatic table of contents function now closely aligns with UKAAF guidelines when working in the "UK basic" TOC style. The TOC user interface has new controls to set Fill Codes and End Codes to facilitate this.

Text from DBT may be copied and pasted into "CorelDRAW".

A DBT file may be inserted into another file (restoring functionality).

DBT can now reload images saved in .dxp and .dxb files even if the images have no labels.

Math Improvements

In the LaTeX importer, math elements with text above arrows and text below arrows are now handled.

Math imports now have improved automatic placement of the End-Nemeth code.

Miscellaneous Changes

Per the new formatting rules, linear tables no longer have a period at the end of a line.

DBT now allows braille entry of dots 456 (underscore) via a braille device linked using JAWS.

Most, possibly all, of the circumstances that caused generating braille fonts to fail have been eliminated. Should any remain, the provisions for diagnosing and fixing the problem are much improved. (This issue affected only a few customers.)

Language Improvements

Country Improvements
Biblical Original Languages: updates are now based on the recent English UEB table.
Danish: a question mark as a word ending does not disrupt contractions in braille-to-print.
French: updated to ensure use of dots 36 in a contraction is not confused with a hyphen.
Hebrew (American): this table is now based on the latest UEB table. The translated line now respects the language context to display both English and Hebrew correctly.
Hungarian: improved translation in the braille-to-print direction.
IPA: fix one character on braille-to-print.
Mongolian: improved braille-to-print translation to recognize emphasis, as well as other changes.
Myanmar: translation has been totally rebuilt and demonstrates high accuracy.
Norwegian: fix one serious contraction error in braille-to-print.
Polish: improved grade one braille, plus improved punctuation both directions.
Slovenian: improvements in print-to-braille translation.
Spanish: fix more punctuation, add certain Guarani characters; support emphasis in braille-to-print.
Taiwan-style Chinese Mandarin: improved print-to-braille and braille-to-print translators, uses Zhuyin characters intead of Pinyin. It is now possible to mix Chinese and English as long as English segments start with a capital letter. (Originally intended for DBT 12.2, and now available.)
The Tigrinya language now has a functional back translator.


DBT 12.2

Primary Areas of Improvement

English UEB

New Embossers and Embosser Fixes

JAWS Improvements

Math Improvements

User Interface

Miscellaneous Changes

Language Improvements

Country Improvements
Flag of Biblical Biblical Languages: many improvements, including a practical braille-to-print translator.
Flag of Bosnia Bosnian: braille-to-print now uses the new Croatian braille-to-print translator.
Flag of China Cantonese (Yue): now uses space as a tone mark in restricted circumstances. Has an improved braille-to-print translator.
Flag of China Chinese Mandarin: improved file importer, improved print-to-braille and braille-to-print translation. It is now possible to mix Chinese and English. (English segments must start with a capital letter).
Flag of Croatia Croatian: now with a functional braille-to-print translator.
Flag of Denmark Danish: braille-to-print translation properly uses the exclamation mark (when the dropped 'f' is at the end of a word) and better handles a contraction before a period (full stop).
Flag of Bhutan Dzongkha: DBT supports the new braille rules.
Flag representing the International Phonetic Alphabet IPA: handles the UEB indicators for brackets and slash.
Flag of South Korea Korean: the braille-to-print translation has many improvements.
Flag of Portugal Portuguese: now handles four additional punctuation marks in braille-to-print translation.
Flag of Slovenia Slovenian: the braille-to-print direction now uses the new Croatian braille-to-print translator.
Flag of Spain Spanish: braille-to-print translation can produce a proper period in all contexts.
Flag of Thailand Thai: fixed two formerly incorrect characters in print-to-braille.
Flag of South Africa Venda: improvements in print-to-braille; now includes a functional braille-to-print translator.
Flag of Wales Welsh (Cymraeg): fixed some previously incorrect contractions.