Choose Template - Currently only for BANA formatting.

NOTE: This option will only appear if you have selected "BANA" or "All Controls" in Options.

Image showing the SWIFT Template option.

At the current release, Templates are only available for BANA. If others are developed, Duxbury Systems, Inc. will be happy to look into adding them. You may wish to select one or both of these templates with a view to possibly developing one for your own country's braille code. (See Using the BANA Braille Template for Word for a more detailed explanation of how the Templates work).

When you select one of the templates above, you will see the following changes to the Braille ribbon.

BANA Literary

Image shows the SWIFT Braille Ribbon when BANA Literary is selected.

BANA Nemeth

Image shows the SWIFT Braille Ribbon when BANA Nemeth is selected.