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(The initial translation table for a translation is determined by the selected template, and may be changed using the Document / Translation Tables menu. Using those menus does not involve explicit use of the table designator. However, in cases where it is necessary to switch to a different translation table partway through a file, the designator for the table being switched to is required; see the general description of the [lnb~...]command for further details.)


The Cebuano tables support print-to-braille translation of Cebuano-language literary text into uncontracted Cebuano braille.

Braille to Print also known as Back-translation)

Braille-to-print translation is supported for this language. However Braille-to-print translation may not be perfect, therefore errors could occur. If you find any errors, or have suggestions, please send both the *.dxb and *.dxp files along with an explanation to: (Please be sure to include sample files).


Cebuano has a simple braille contraction system described in "Instruction Manual for Filipino Braille Transcribing", 1st Edition, 2007 which we have as a Microsoft Word file. This book is Prepared By the Department of Education, Philippines, Philippine Printing House for the Blind, and Resources for the Blind, Inc.

(Documentation reviewed June 2010)

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