The File Menu

Open file: NimPro opens 2 kinds of files: NIMAS files (zipped or unzipped) and NimPro project files (the interim save format). NimPro can open the zipped NIMAS file package directly. You do not need to "unzip" before opening a NIMAS fileset into NimPro. Some NimPro users have experienced problems dealing with NIMAS files that are unzipped. (Some e-mail programs can damage files as they transmit the information from one user to another.) Duxbury Systems recommends that if at all possible you open the original zipped NIMAS fileset.


Save Selected Pages/Sections: You can highlight a range of pages or sections, and then export just those pages as a file for use by DBT or MegaDots. This is important because DBT and MegaDots do not work well with extremely large documents. They work best with a "braille volume" sized document, which is about 100,000 characters in an inkprint file. Note: You should rely on the agency that requires a braille book to specify the suggested size of a braille volume.

Click here for a guide to the different file formats that are offered.


Save Selected Text: (is not available in this release of the software).


Save Project /As: Save your work as a NimPro file between work sessions. You can also Save before taking a dangerous or experimental step that you may want to undo (by reloading the saved version).


Preferences: Use this dialogue to set your program preferences.


Exit: Close the Nimpro program.