The View Menu

By Page and By Section: These options change the Navigation Pane to provide alternate views of the document structure. In Page View the Navigation pane is a simple list of the document pages. In Section View, the Navigation Pane lets you explore a tree view of the document, which also provides the most complete view of the document and its structure.


XML Source: opens a read-only window on the original NIMAS source document, showing the raw XML markup, positioned at or near the current cursor location. This view may help illuminate why a problem is occurring in a particular spot in the file.


Zoom: lets you change the font size in the Document View and Style Map.


Change Focus: is an accessibility feature, also available through the F6 function key, to switch between the Navigation Pane and the Document View sections of the NimPro display. This is an alternative to using the mouse to select an area of the screen.