[gd~...] - This code is for inclusion of graphics data. Normally, this command is entered in a file as a result of using DBT's Layout: Picture menu item.

(Note: replaces [pi...].)

A picture can be inserted anywhere by using Layout: Picture, Add. All other items in the Layout: Picture menu can be used when the cursor is positioned at (just before) a [gd~...] code. Getting this position right is most easily done in Coded View (Alt + F3)

It is not practical to enter this command manually, e.g. by the direct code list, because the graphic image information is included in the command as a parameter, and that information is both specially coded and lengthy.

For the same reason, the command parameter is not shown in the DBT coded view.

General Information:

The 12.4 CD comes with a program called "QicTac" which can be used to create picture files to be inserted into DBT documents.