Semitic Language Transcription

This table is a close relation to the Biblical Original Language Studies table. It is designed to produce material written in the transliterated Semitic languages for biblical scholars or students in seminaries.

The Biblical Languages template and the Semitic Languages template handle the following languages:

No special language switching is needed to go from script to script. This single table handles them all.

The centerpiece of this table is incorporation of the diacritical marks used to indicate the pronunciation of various Semitic languages. This braille code was developed by a committee consisting of:

Summary of Braille Accent Marks

Accents (All these occur before the letter in Braille):

Supported Characters

This table is subject to change. It is largely in the alphabetical order of the base letter.

Character Hex Name Braille
U+00E0 a with grave 3a
U+0061+0301 a with acute 2a
U+00E1 a with acute 2a
U+0061+0302 a with circumflex ;a
U+00E2 a with circumflex ;a
U+0061+0300 a with grave 3a
U+1EA3 a with hook above \a
U+0061+0304 a with macron ^a
ā U+0101 a with macron ^a
U+1e01 a with ring below >
U+0063+0306 c with breve (c
č U+010d c with caron .c
č̣ U+0063+030c+0323 c with caron and dot below ."c
č̣ U+010d+0323 c with caron and dot below ."c
U+1E0f d with line below _d
U+1E0d d with dot below "d
U+0065+0301 e with acute 2e
U+00e9 e with acute 2e
U+0065+0302 e with circumflex ;e
U+00Ea e with circumflex ;e
U+0065+0300 e with grave 3e
U+00E8 e with grave 3e
U+0065+0304 e with macron ^e
ē U+0113 e with macron ^e
ǧ U+01E7 g with caron .g
ĝ U+011D g with circumflex ;g
ġ U+0121 g with dot above @g
U+1E2B h with breve below 7h
U+0068+032c h with breve below 7h
U+0068+032f h with inverted breve below "7h
U+0068+032d h with circumflex below ;h
U+1E29 h with circumflex below ;h
U+0068+0323 h with dot below "h
U+1E25 h with dot below "h
U+1E96 h with line below _h
ı U+0131 i which is dotless 9
U+0069+0301 i with acute 2i
U+00Ed i with acute 2i
U+0069+0302 i with circumflex ;i
U+00EE i with circumflex ;i
U+0069+0300 i with grave 3i
U+00Ec i with grave 3i
U+1EC9 i with hook above \i
U+0069+0304 i with macron ^i
ī U+012b i with macron ^i
U+006b+0323 k with dot below "k
U+1E33 k with dot below "k
U+1e47 n with dot below "n
U+006f+0301 o with acute 2o
U+00F3 o with acute 2o
U+006f+0302 o with circumflex ;o
U+00F4 o with circumflex ;o
U+006f+0300 o with grave 3o
U+00F2 o with grave 3o
U+006f+0304 o with macron ^o
ō U+014D o with macron ^o
ś U+015b s with acute 2s
U+0073+0306 s with breve (s
U+0161 s with caron %
U+0073+0300 s with grave 3s
U+0073+0323 s with dot below !
U+1E63 s with dot below !
U+1E6D t with dot below ?
U+0074+0323 t with dot below ?
U+1E6F t with line below _t
U+0075+0301 u with acute 2u
U+00Fa u with acute 2u
U+0075+0302 u with circumflex ;u
U+00FB u with circumflex ;u
U+0075+0300 u with grave 3u
U+00F9 u with grave 3u
U+1EE7 u with hook above \u
U+0075+0304 u with macron ^u
ū U+016B u with macron ^u
U+1ee5 u with dot below "u
U+1e8f y with dot above @y
U+1E93 z with dot below "z
̄ U+0304 combining macron ^
̀ U+0300 combining grave accent 3
́ U+0301 combining acute accent 2
̂ U+0302 combining circumflex accent ;
ʾ U+02be right half ring ;5
ʿ U+02bf left half ring ;9