Word Style Maps

If you regularly import files from Word for Windows, you will find that the better a Word document is Styled, the less work you have to do in DBT towards the layout of the document. Indeed in many cases, you may be able to simply import and translate.

When you import a document from Word, DBT uses a special file called "dbt.mws" to map Word Styles to DBT Styles. For example, text in the Word "Heading 1" Style will become the "h1." Style in DBT.

However, DBT only knows about the Word "default" Styles. Styles which the Word user creates are usually ignored.

For example, you might create a style in Word called "French", and apply this Word style to any text which you have typed in the French language. (If you are a clever Word user, you can even tell Word that the language is French, and that the French dictionary should be used when spell checking.)

While DBT contains a default mapping file (dbt.mws) you may optionally create custom mapping files of your own.

There are two ways to create or modify these mapping files.

1) Use the SWIFT add-on.

2) Manually copy and or edit the .mws files.

SWIFT is probably the easier option for anyone who is uncomfortable editing system files, however it is worth studying both topics for general information.