German - Vollschrift - Basic Flag of Germany

This DBT template is designed to produce material written in the German language.

This is a basic DBT template. Click here for more information about Basic Templates.

German Vollschrift is a system of lightly contracted braille that is almost uncontracted. It is rarely used.

The default math braille code for this template is German Math.

To use this translator for technical material, the math material needs to be enclosed in the DBT math style. This markup is added automatically when importing LaTeX files and some other formats.

You can make this template your default selection.

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Partially Contracted Braille

Most often, German braille is contracted. This template produces braille with only sparing use of contractions.

Producing this language in uncontracted braille is also quite easy in DBT. Before translation into braille, place the cursor at the top of the document and use the Grade 1 command (Alt+1). When the document is translated, the braille will be uncontracted.

Sample Microsoft Word File

Click here for a sample Word file in this language.

Click here for instructions and the complete list of language sample files in Word format.

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