Print Page Numbers

Also known as: "Reference Page Number" and "Print Page Indicator".

(See also: [svles...]. (Print Page Numbers (Parameters))

Code Used: [lea] or [lea;F~X]

Keystroke: Alt + Enter, type page number, then press Space.

What does it do?

It indicates the number of the next print page. The format of this is dependent on the template in use. The example shown below is the BANA (North American) format. (See next topic for more options.)

Where would it be used?

There are occasions when it is necessary to show print page numbers, for example, in documents which would be referenced by page number. "You will find details on page 26."

Usage in DBT:

The meeting then went on to deal with matters arising from the above.

[lea]26 John Smith provided contact details.


[lea;p~3]26 John Smith provided contact details.

Produces in Braille:

,! meet+ !n w5t on 6d1l

) matt]s >is+ f ! abv4


,john ,smi? provid$ 3tact



 3333333333333333333333333 #bf

,john ,smi? provid$ 3tact


Let us explain!

The first [lea] results in the default (BANA) recommendation of displaying print page numbers.

With the second [lea;p~3], the p displays a "partial fill" giving a space before and after the fill character. The 3 generates dots 2, 5. (See Embosser Character Table for full list)

For the more technical:

In British braille the Print Page Indicator for our example is "3#bfcentered on the page.