Global: Autosave Options

Keystroke: a from Global menu.

In addition to its role in helping you to recover from a program crash or system failure, the "Autosave" feature preserves all the changes you have made to your document if you attempt to exit DBT without saving your work. By default, Autosave is enabled; it saves your document at 5-minute intervals while you are working, and also when you exit.

Image shows Autosave Options dialog.

On Windows, if you start to exit from DBT with your document unsaved, the Autosave feature prompts you to save your work to a permanent file by posting a Save Changes dialog. This ensures that you do not unwittingly fail to save your work to a file before you exit.

The dialog for setting your Autosave preferences has just three options.

Enable autosave: is a checkbox. If you do not wish to use the Autosave feature you must un-check this box. If you disable Autosaves, DBT will still prompt to save unsaved work at application exit.

Path for autosaved files: By default, Autosaved files are stored under your Documents folder, in the path, "C:\Users\{your name}\Documents\DBT Autosaves". If you wish these files to be put elsewhere, you can provide an alternative file path. Be careful to select a writable directory if you set your own custom Autosave path.

Autosave every (mm:ss): The default time interval is 5 minutes. However, you may enter a longer or shorter period.

WARNING: By default, "Autosaves" is a Hidden Folder and cannot normally be seen within Documents, unless you have elected to show hidden files on your system.

For details of how to use the Recovery Wizard to recover files, please see the topic, Autosave Recovery Wizard.