Connect to the Network License Server on your LAN

If you have a central server that shares out a network license for your Duxbury program, this screen makes the connection from your computer, making it a client of that server over your Local Area Network (LAN). In most cases, you will want assistance from your network administrator to fill in the fields on this form.

Using this form does not activate your individual computer. Instead, it lets your computer share the multi-user activation from the server machine.

Server Computer Name: You need to enter the name or IP address of the computer that hosts the network license. The name you enter must be in a form recognized over your LAN. If you enter an IP address, then it must be a static IP or the connection will terminate the next time the server is rebooted, and you will have to connect once again.

Port Number: This is the port number of the shared activation service that runs on the host machine. By default this service runs on port 8080. If your organization has this service set to run on a different port, enter that number here.

Network License Text: Enter your full Duxbury license text in this field. This must be the same license as the one entered on your server to activate it.

Network User Name: An organization-wide "user" name was entered on the server. Enter the same name here.

Computer/Location Name: Enter the name of your computer here, unless your network administrator gives you a specific name to enter.

Test: This button makes a trial connection to the activation service on the network license server you have indicated.

Once your computer is connected to the network license host, this screen displays an additional button that allows you to clear that connection at a later time.