Registration, User Email Information

All you need to enter on this page is your email address, but the wizard asks for it twice. The confirmation field is automatically checked against the first entry to help eliminate finger-slip errors.

Although the invitation you will see does not appear until the last page after your registration is sent, you are encouraged to subscribe to one of the Duxbury user email groups when that invitation appears. You can subscribe to DuxNews or DuxUser, whichever best meets your needs.

The DuxNews email group is tightly controlled. There are only a handful of messages per year, announcing updates to your software and significant developments from Duxbury. If you are cautious about signing up for email to avoid getting too many, then DuxNews is the one for you.

If you would like a more free flow of information and more contact with the Duxbury user community, then sign up for DuxUser. This group includes the official announcements from DuxNews, but mostly it consists of email from your peers asking and answering questions. It can be quite helpful, and DuxUser emails are readily identified in their subject line.

You can subscribe as you please, and you can likewise unsubscribe at any time.