Setting up This Computer to Host the Network License

If you have a multi-user license for your Duxbury software, then using network activation is an efficient way of making use of your resources. Be warned, though, that setting up a Network License Server is usually an issue for your IT staff.

On this screen, the first field lets you enter the number of activations (users) that will be shared from this host computer. (Clearly, if that number is less than 2, then network activation is not practical!)

While this screen is displaying, the wizard makes an Internet call to Duxbury to find out how many activations you have on your network license. That number is displayed for you in the second field. If you have no internet connection, an explanatory error message appears instead, letting you know how you may be able to proceed.

The third field is for you to enter the port number that the activation service will use. The default port is 8080, and you should use that number unless it is already in use on your LAN for some other network service.

The fourth field indicates the Protocol the activation service will use. The protocol is generally TCP, and it cannot be changed from the wizard.

The most important advice is that if you do not know the meaning of any of the prompts on this screen, you should consult one of your local network administrators.

What is Activation?