Technical Tips for MBOSS-1 Embossers

General Advice about Computer Ports: Serial. Parallel. USB. and Network

The MBOSS-1 is a modified inkprint printer. The original printer has both a serial jack and a parallel jack. As modified. an MBOSS-1 is either a serial or a parallel machine. This means that every MBOSS-1 has one working jack and one non-working jack.

Most units sold were serial units. If you do not know if your MBOSS-1 is serial or parallel. assume that it is serial. Please do not just plug in a parallel cable and call us for technical support asking why it is not working.

If you actually do have the parallel model. we believe that the connection is straightforward (but we do not have the settings for the DIP switches).

If have the serial model. use a straight through female-to-male cable with a null modem adapter to connect the MBOSS-1 to one of your serial ports. We recommend a null modem adapter that has wires 1 and 7 are straight through. swaps wires 2 and 3. swaps wires 4 and 5. and swaps wires 6 and 20.

Set switch bank 40 to: open open open closed open closed closed open. Set switch bank 41 to: open open open closed closed open open open open open. For technical support on the MBOSS-1. contact Freedom Scientific at 727-803-8600.