Technical Tips for PortaThiel Embossers

General Advice about Computer Ports: Serial. Parallel. USB. and Network

The Porta-Thiel has both a serial and a parallel connection. There are three buttons: READ is above the parallel port. FORM FEED is above the 9 pin serial port. and PAUSE is just in front of the impact control knob.

To load paper. turn on your computer and then the Porta-Thiel. and wait for it to say "paper out". Insert paper from the front until it stops. Press FORM FEED. The Porta-Thiel then says "printer ready".

To change settings. press FORM FEED and PAUSE together when the Porta-Thiel is already on. You get a series of yes/no questions. Press FORM FEED for "yes" and PAUSE for "no". If you want to save the new settings. press FORM FEED and PAUSE together during the dialogue. To leave without changing the settings. press READ and FORM FEED together. To reset the parameters to factory defaults. press READ and FORM FEED while turning the unit on.