Embossing through Windows Device Fails

Usually, configuring DBT so that it embosses through a Windows Device is likely to eliminate problems with embossing. However, sometimes with old versions of Windows this is not enough. If you are running Windows 95 and have configured DBT to emboss through a Windows Device but are still experiencing problems, try the following:

Open My Computer

Open Control Panel

Open Printers

(Right-mouse-click on the printer icon configured to drive your embosser.)

Select Properties from the pop-up menu

Select the Details tab within the dialog

Now find Spool Settings within the dialog. Change the option so that output will be sent directly to the printer. Select OK to dismiss the dialog. You may also now close Printers, Control Panel, and My Computer.

The bad news is that this change will mean that you will have to wait for your whole braille document to be sent to the embosser before you can continue working in DBT or quit the application. The good news is that you should get reliable output from this point on.