Character Code Table - (U+10xx) - Myanmar and Georgian

Windows Note:Microsoft no longer supports the older OS's mentioned below, so information on them is presented largely for historical reasons.

The following table may not display all characters in the Char column on your computer. This is entirely dependent on the version of Windows you are running and which Character Sets it has installed. Myanmar is a very unusual script system, in that Microsoft did not support it in Windows 7 when it added many other script systems to its OS.

The Georgian font was built into Windows 7 and later. In XP, one used the Control Panel, Regional Settings, Languages, and then clicked the boxes for Asian language support to add the Georgian font.

Text using these scripts can be imported from Microsoft Word into Duxbury DBT. If you use DBT DBT 11.1 or above then select the appropriate translator, Myanmar or Georgian.

The Burmese (Myanmar) translator handles Myanmar script.

Myanmar Script

Link to external Unicode website about these characters.

Myanmar Script
Char Unicode DUSCI Name
က U+1000 D+CE30 Myanmar Letter KA
U+1001 D+CE31 Myanmar Letter KHA
U+1002 D+CE32 Myanmar Letter GA
U+1003 D+CE33 Myanmar Letter GHA
U+1004 D+CE34 Myanmar Letter NGA
U+1005 D+CE35 Myanmar Letter CA
U+1006 D+CE36 Myanmar Letter CHA
U+1007 D+CE37 Myanmar Letter JA
U+1008 D+CE38 Myanmar Letter JHA
U+1009 D+CE39 Myanmar Letter NYA
U+100A D+CE3A Myanmar Letter NNYA
U+100B D+CE3B Myanmar Letter TTA
U+100C D+CE3C Myanmar Letter TTHA
U+100D D+CE3D Myanmar Letter DDA
U+100E D+CE3E Myanmar Letter DDHA
U+100F D+CE3F Myanmar Letter NNA
U+1010 D+CE40 Myanmar Letter TA
U+1011 D+CE41 Myanmar Letter THA
U+1012 D+CE42 Myanmar Letter DA
U+1013 D+CE43 Myanmar Letter DHA
U+1014 D+CE44 Myanmar Letter NA
U+1015 D+CE45 Myanmar Letter PA
U+1016 D+CE46 Myanmar Letter PHA
U+1017 D+CE47 Myanmar Letter BA
U+1018 D+CE48 Myanmar Letter BHA
U+1019 D+CE49 Myanmar Letter MA
U+101A D+CE4A Myanmar Letter YA
U+101B D+CE4B Myanmar Letter RA
U+101C D+CE4C Myanmar Letter LA
U+101D D+CE4D Myanmar Letter WA
U+101E D+CE4E Myanmar Letter SA
U+101F D+CE4F Myanmar Letter HA
U+1020 D+CE50 Myanmar Letter LLA
U+1021 D+CE51 Myanmar Letter A
U+1023 D+CE53 Myanmar Letter I
U+1024 D+CE54 Myanmar Letter II
U+1025 D+CE55 Myanmar Letter U
U+1026 D+CE56 Myanmar Letter UU
U+1027 D+CE57 Myanmar Letter E
U+1029 D+CE59 Myanmar Letter O
U+102A D+CE5A Myanmar Letter AU
U+102B D+CE5B Myanmar Vowel Sign TALL AA
U+102C D+CE5C Myanmar Vowel Sign AA
U+102D D+CE5D Myanmar Vowel Sign I
 ီ U+102E D+CE5E Myanmar Vowel Sign II
U+102F D+CE5F Myanmar Vowel Sign U
U+1030 D+CE60 Myanmar Vowel Sign UU
U+1031 D+CE61 Myanmar Vowel Sign E
U+1032 D+CE62 Myanmar Vowel Sign AI
U+1036 D+CE66 Myanmar Sign ANUSVARA
 ့ U+1037 D+CE67 Myanmar Sign DOT BELOW
U+1038 D+CE68 Myanmar Sign VISARGA
 ္ U+1039 D+CE69 Myanmar Sign VIRAMA
U+1040 D+CE70 Myanmar digit ZERO
U+1041 D+CE71 Myanmar digit ONE
U+1042 D+CE72 Myanmar digit TWO
U+1043 D+CE73 Myanmar digit THREE
U+1044 D+CE74 Myanmar digit FOUR
U+1045 D+CE75 Myanmar digit FIVE
U+1046 D+CE76 Myanmar digit SIX
U+1047 D+CE77 Myanmar digit SEVEN
U+1048 D+CE78 Myanmar digit EIGHT
U+1049 D+CE79 Myanmar digit NINE
U+104B D+CE7B Myanmar Sign SECTION
U+104C D+CE7C Myanmar Symbol LOCATIVE
U+104D D+CE7D Myanmar Symbol COMPLETED
U+104F D+CE7F Myanmar Symbol GENITIVE
U+1050 D+CE80 Myanmar Letter SHA
U+1051 D+CE81 Myanmar Letter SSA
U+1052 D+CE82 Myanmar Letter VOCALIC R
U+1053 D+CE83 Myanmar Letter VOCALIC RR
U+1054 D+CE84 Myanmar Letter VOCALIC L
U+1055 D+CE85 Myanmar Letter VOCALIC LL
U+1056 D+CE86 Myanmar Vowel Sign VOCALIC R
U+1057 D+CE87 Myanmar Vowel Sign VOCALIC RR
U+1058 D+CE88 Myanmar Vowel Sign VOCALIC L
U+1059 D+CE89 Myanmar Vowel Sign VOCALIC LL

Georgian Script

The Georgian translator handles Georgian script.

Link to external Unicode website about these characters.

Georgian Script
Char Unicode DUSCI Name
U+10D0 D+CF80 Georgian Letter AN
U+10D1 D+CF81 Georgian Letter BAN
U+10D2 D+CF82 Georgian Letter GAN
U+10D3 D+CF83 Georgian Letter DON
U+10D4 D+CF84 Georgian Letter EN
U+10D5 D+CF85 Georgian Letter VIN
U+10D6 D+CF86 Georgian Letter ZEN
U+10D7 D+CF87 Georgian Letter TAN
U+10D8 D+CF88 Georgian Letter IN
U+10D9 D+CF89 Georgian Letter KAN
U+10DA D+CF8A Georgian Letter LAS
U+10DB D+CF8B Georgian Letter MAN
U+10DC D+CF8C Georgian Letter NAR
U+10DD D+CF8D Georgian Letter ON
U+10DE D+CF8E Georgian Letter PAR
U+10DF D+CF8F Georgian Letter ZHAR
U+10E0 D+CF90 Georgian Letter RAE
U+10E1 D+CF91 Georgian Letter SAN
U+10E2 D+CF92 Georgian Letter TAR
U+10E3 D+CF93 Georgian Letter UN
U+10E4 D+CF94 Georgian Letter PHAR
U+10E5 D+CF95 Georgian Letter KHAR
U+10E6 D+CF96 Georgian Letter GHAN
U+10E7 D+CF97 Georgian Letter QAR
U+10E8 D+CF98 Georgian Letter SHIN
U+10E9 D+CF99 Georgian Letter CHIN
U+10EA D+CF9A Georgian Letter CAN
U+10EB D+CF9B Georgian Letter JIL
U+10EC D+CF2C Georgian Letter CIL
U+10ED D+CF9D Georgian Letter CHAR
U+10EE D+CF9E Georgian Letter XAN
U+10EF D+CF9F Georgian Letter JHAN
U+10F0 D+CFA0 Georgian Letter HAE
U+10F1 D+CFA1 Georgian Letter HE
U+10F2 D+CFA2 Georgian Letter HIE
U+10F3 D+CFA3 Georgian Letter WE
U+10F4 D+CFA4 Georgian Letter HAR
U+10F5 D+CFA5 Georgian Letter HOE
U+10F6 D+CFA6 Georgian Letter FI
U+10F7 D+CFA7 Georgian Letter YN
U+10F8 D+CFA8 Georgian Letter ELIFI
U+10F9 D+CFA9 Georgian Letter TURNED GAN
U+10FA D+CFAA Georgian Letter AIN
U+10FC D+CFAC Character Nar superscript