Vertical Centering

What you need to know first: Centering

(See also: Layout: Page Codes: Vertical Centering and Vertical Bottom)

Codes Used: [vcs] and [vce]

Keystroke: (None at present)

What does it do?

It vertically centers text on a page.

Where would it be used?

To vertically centre a Title Page, for example. Note carefully that the [vce] Code must be placed AFTER the page break Code. However, it is possible to omit this code if the whole document is to be vertically centered.

Usage in DBT:

[hds][vcs]This book[<]
was written by
Mr Sullivan

Produces in Braille:

(Please note: The following will be produced with an equal number (where possible) of blank lines above and below the text)

           ,? book

          writt5 by

        ,mr ,sullivan

Let us explain!

The [hds] and [hde] codes will center text horizontally on the page, while the [vcs] and [vce] codes will center the text vertically. Note also that the [vce] code must come after a page break [pg...] command. (You do not HAVE to use the [hds] and [hde] codes if you do not require horizontal centering.