Change Language

What you need to know first: Check whether or not the base language of your document supports the [lng~...] code, and if so, what language changes are permitted. You will find details of supported languages in Language Translation Tables.

Code Used: [lng~X]

Keystroke: (None)

Note: The "X" in the code above is to be replaced by a specific language table designator.

What does it do?

It switches language tables from the base language of the document to another.

Where would it be used?

Anywhere a language change is required. The [lng~X] codes are commonly inserted into documents imported from Microsoft Word, when the language tagging features of Word have been used.

Note: The code [lng] with no table designator reverts back to the base language of the document template.

Usage in DBT: (This example uses a base language of English)

[es~h1.]English-French Vocabulary[ee~h1.]

[es~para.]the City of Manchester - [lng~fr]la ville de [lng]Manchester[ee~para.]

[es~para.]city break (holiday) - [lng~fr]court séjour m en ville[ee~para.]

[es~para.][lng]city children - [lng~fr]enfants des (grandes) villes[ee~para.]

Braille Produced:

         ,5gli%-,fr5*       #a


  ! ,c;y ( ,man*e/] -- la

ville de ,man*e/]

  c;y br1k 7holi"d7 -- court

s=jour m en ville

  c;y *n -- enfants des

7grandes7 villes