Print v. Braille

Codes used: [ifbrl] or [ifprt] (Old codes [sibrl] [siimp])

There are often cases where it is necessary to change the wording between print and braille documents.

For example, print text might say:

This book is available in braille.

Where the braille text should say:

This book is available in print.

Usage in DBT

With DBT working in Coded View, your print document looks like this:

This book is available in [ifprt]braille. [ifbrl]print.

If you turn Coded View off, your screen shows only:

This book is available in braille.

When you translate to braille, your braille document looks like this:

,? book is availa# 9 pr9t4

(This book   is   available  in  print.)

For the Technical

The ifprt and ifbrl codes can be used to control the use of other DBT codes in addition to controlling text. For example [ifbrl][sk5] would skip 5 lines ONLY in the braille file.

Note that the [if...] code only affects the very next word or code. If you wish to use multiple codes, you must precede each one with the [if...] code.

However you can group text using the [:] and [;] codes as explained in the Group Topic.