(See also: Headers)

Code Used: [svrfpN] [rfs] [rfe] [rfd]

Keystroke: Can be accessed from the Document Menu.

What does it do?

It places a Header and/or a running Footer on pages from the next page after which the Code is inserted. However, if placed at the very beginning of a document, the code will apply to the first page also.

Where would it be used?

Wherever in a document you wish to commence a running Footer.

Usage in DBT:

[svrfp3][rfs]My Footer[rfe]
Lots of text
(this line repeated many, many times)

Produces in Braille:

,lots ( text

         ,my ,foote]

------------ page break ------------

,lots ( text                #a

Let us explain!

The [svrfp3] code is used to determine whether the Footer is to appear on odd pages only, even pages only, or both odd and even.

N can be, 1 for odd pages only, 2 for even pages only and 3 for both odd and even pages. 0 is for no Footer.

[rfs] begins the Footer and [rfe] ends it.

Note that [rfd] can be used to stop Footers appearing from that point forward. (Take care where this Code is placed or your Footers might disappear altogether!).