Headers (Sideroom)

What you need to know first: Headers.

Code Used: [svrhsM:N:J]

Keystroke: (None)

What does it do?

Controls the amount of space reserved on either side of the running Header.

Where would it be used?

To provide more space to fit longer Headers on the page. Note that the current default is 8 cells on either side. This space is reserved to allow space for page numbers. In short documents, however, less space for page numbering may be needed, allowing more for the running header.

Usage in DBT:

[svrhs5:5][hds]My Very Long Heading[hde]

will allow for a lengthier Header without wrapping to a second line.

Let us explain!

The [svrhs5:5] code reserves 5 spaces to either side of the Header, thus leaving room for page numbers up to 999 or #III

Consequently, as the default is 8 spaces either side, we can gain additional space for running Headers by using this code.

If the normal centering of running headers is not desired, then an optional parameter (J) may be specified to give the running header justification. Use "l" for left justification or "r" for right justification. For example, [svrhs5:0:l] will left-justify running headers with five blank cells as a margin.

You should also note that, unless you specify left or right justification, the values of M and N should be equal.