First Displayed

Code Used: [svpfdN]

Keystroke: Menu - Document: Page Numbering. "First page number to display"

What does it do?

There are occasions when one does not wish to number the first few pages of a document.

Where would it be used?

To hide page numbers until the page number reaches N

Usage in DBT:

[svpfd3]This would be page 1.
This would be page 2.
Page 3 is numbered.

Produces in Braille:

,? wd 2 page #a4

---------- page break ----------

,? wd 2 page #b4

---------- page break ----------

,page #c is numb]$4      #c

Let us explain!

Note that this code does not re-start page numbering.

For the more technical:

[svpfdN] -- Set page number first displayed to N. Pages whose page numbers are less than N will not be explicitly numbered. The initial value is normally 1; the default for the command is 1.