Set Page Number Positions

(See also: Document: Page Numbering)

Code Used: [svpnpN:N:N:N]

Keystroke: (none)

What does it do?

Redefines the positioning for both braille and print page numbers, i.e. whether they appear, and where on the page they appear.

This code is not needed if the page number positions remain the same throughout a document, because the page numbering for a document can be set more easily using Document: Page Numbering dialog.

Where would it be used?

When the default needs to be varied or changed to suit local requirements or the needs of particular pages (perhaps containing graphics).

Usage in DBT:

The N's above represent the braille and print page numbers on even and odd pages, in the following order

1st) Braille page number on odd sides.

2nd) Braille page number on even sides.

3rd) Print page number on odd sides.

4th) Print page number on even sides.

Values of N can be as follows:

0 = No number.

1 = Upper left.

2 = Upper right.

3 = Lower left.

4 = Lower right.

Produces in Braille:

The default for American Textbook format is [svpnp4:4:2:2], i.e. Braille page numbers on the lower right of every page, and Print page numbers on upper right of every page.

Discontinue Page Numbering:

This code can also be used to discontinue page numbering i.e. [svpnp0:0:0:0]