Roman Number Indicator

(See also: Embosser Character Table)

Code Used: [svgrn~X]

Keystroke: (None at present)

What does it do?

It changes the default indicator for Roman numbers, which is normally dots 5,6 where X would be a semi-colon (;)

Where would it be used?

Only when specifically required. For example, in some French documents, dot 6 precedes any Roman Page numbers, so X would be a comma (,).

This code is often found in the initial style for templates.

Usage in DBT:

[pv1][pntr][svgrn~,][tls]Table de contents[tle]
Je ne parley francais

Produces in Braille:

         .t^ d 3t<s         'i

.j n p@lz *1c/s

Let us explain!

[pv1] sets the page number to one.

[pntr] produces Roman page numbers.

[svgrn~,] results in dots 6 prefixing the Roman Page number.

[tls] and [tle] embrace a Running Header. (Explained in the next chapter - Page Headers and Footers)

Note: Should NO prefix/indicator be required, use a left/opening curly brace in the Code - [svgrn~{]