Set Page Number Counter

(See also: Set Page Number on New Page)

Code Used: [pvN]

Keystroke: (None)

What does it do?

It sets the page number counter (variable) for the document. If used at the very beginning of a document, the document will begin with the selected number.

Otherwise it sets the number for the next page.

Where would it be used?

This Code does NOT force a page break, but sets the page number for the next page to follow.

Usage in Duxbury:

[pv1][pntr][es~para.] The appendices which follow may be useful.[ee~para.]

[pg][es~h1.] Appendix 1.[ee~h1.]

[p]List of Items[>]

Produces in Braille:

  ,! app5dices : foll[ may 2


------------ Page break ------------

         ,app5dix #a4       ;i

  ,li/ ( ,items4

Let us explain!

[pv1] says "number the next page 1". [pntr] says "make this page number a Roman number". [es~para.] and [ee~para.] start and end the paragraph. [pg] for a new page. [es~h1.] and [ee~h1] begin and end a level 1 Heading. [p] starts a new paragraph.