File: Save as

Keystroke: F3

Image shows the File:  Save As dialog.

This is a standard Windows "Save As..." dialog.

It allows you to save your file under a different name and/or in a different location or format.

File Name: is the text entry field where you enter the (possibly new) name of your document to save it.

Save As also allows you to save your files in an alternative format as explained below. This can be useful if you wish to access the files with a program or device other than DBT.

Note: It is not advisable to simply change the file extension in the File Name text box. You should make your selection from the file type list box below it.

Saving "Print" documents

The dialog presents you with a drop down list of file formats as shown below. (See below for saving braille documents).

Save as Type dialog

Saving Braille documents

The dialog presents the following drop down list for braille documents.

Image showing dialog displaying file types which can be saved as.